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Well trained dogs

Several very beautiful, immaculately trained dogs are up for adoption.  They have been trained as bomb detection dogs, and now that they are middle aged, they are being retired.
Please don't let these gorgeous dogs be destroyed.
Zoro is a Lacquer Black German Shepard from Germany.  He is 7 yrs old and has been trained by American and local qualified bomb squad trainers to sniff out explosives. He has lived at the training center since he was a puppy, and worked his whole life.
Fahti is a female, and also 7 yrs.  She's a German Working Line Shephard, and trained in the same manner as Zoro.  They came to the training center at the same time.
These dogs have served their country well and deserve to retire to a nice loving home, either in Kuwait, or overseas. 
Find out more about them.  Please call Caroline at 9962 4701

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