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New Marina offers over 400 new berths

Last weekend the inaugural event took place in Sea City Marina for their new development project.  Over 400 new berths, ranging in size from 30 feet to 100 feet, will accommodate boats of all sizes giving many boat owners a new option to dock their boats.  In fact the management of Sea City is hopeful that this increase may help fuel additional boat sales in the coming year.  The opening of Sea City Marina will increase the available dock space in Kuwait by approximately 20%…with just this one Marina opening….and more is planned to come online soon.
Exploring this new area, we found out some interesting statistics regarding the amount of boating taking place in Kuwait.  To our surprise, the organizers at Sea City Marina told us that there are over five times the number of registered boats in Kuwait than in Dubai…23,000 are here, vs. 4,000 in Dubai!   Given the fact there are few marinas, and the marinas that are here like Marina Mall and Souq Sharq are at capacity, opening a new marina seems like a smart business plan with good long term vision.
We are looking forward to watching this new area unfold, as plans for restaurants, shopping, another mall and resort complex, and more marinas will transform the Khiran area into a totally new Sea City for Kuwait.

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