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Dog Owners Beware

As a dog owner, I am always checking up on the whereabouts of my dogs whenever there are people coming in and out of the house.  Even though I have a garden with a locked gate, my dogs are only two doors away from the outer world and escape.  And they would run, given the chance, as many small dogs have the chase instinct.  I worry so much so that I don’t let the dogs run free in the garden, but walk them all on a leash instead.

Seems my paranoia has taken on a new level lately, as I have recently learned there have been a series of dogs stolen right out from their yards, in my neighborhood of Abu Hasaniya and down the road in Messila. 

About a month ago, a friend in Messila had some workers in the house.  And although she, like me, always keeps her front gate closed, one of the workers had left it open.  It didn’t take but a few minutes, and her pug wandered out.  Within just minutes of realizing he had gone missing, he already had disappeared off the street.  Clearly someone came along and just plucked him up and off they went. 

This is not the first time, but a series of times, we have heard of this happening.  Please try and be extra vigilant at home and not let your dogs loose on the street or even in your closed gardens.   

Trouble, the missing Pug from Messilah, is featured below.  Hopefully, he will be found. 


Missing since November 5th from Messillah Block 6

11 year old Pug 'Trouble'.

Reward offered for his safe return.

Any information, please call 66411561

Trouble is not only a fairly old Pug but he suffers from epileptic fits. He is male but neutered & is microchipped. We just want him safely back at home.

A helpful website is Ilostmydog@groups.facebook.com

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