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An Easy Way to Help Kuwait’s Stray Animals

PAWS Kuwait has launched a Go Fund Me campaign to bring a vet to do spaying & neutering for the many recent rescues and to do TNR (Trap and Neuter/Spay and Release) for stray animals living in miserable conditions in some of Kuwait's industrial areas.  It's an easy way for local & overseas supporters to make an online donation for this important cause. You can also help by publicizing the campaign and posting the link (gofundme.com/xbhmmrhw) on your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, email or any other social media.  The more publicity, the better the chances of success for this program.

Stray animals in Kuwait face the risk of a slow, painful death by poisoning or shooting as these are the methods commonly used by local authorities for animal population control. PAWS is fighting for the more humane, effective, and cheaper method of TNR.

PAWS is a legal non-profit organization under the umbrella of the Kuwait Voluntary Work Center, but receive no help from the government or any official funding. With more than 400 rescued dogs & cats and 4 Arabian baboons, their expenses are high and they rely solely on volunteers, donations, to care for all these helpless souls. They emphasize that no donation is too small, and every dollar helps.  

For more information: You may contact Claudia Al Rashoud, Vice Chairperson, PAWS Kuwait at claudiainkuwait@yahoo.com

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