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One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure

Moving is never easy, and internationally is a whole other challenge…and can wind up being quite expensive.  In order to save some money, secondhand furniture can really come in handy.  A bit of elbow grease and a can of paint can go a long way in making second hand pieces work.


Recently I’ve discovered Pinterest, which is an excellent source for Do-it- Yourself project ideas and how to directions.  Refinishing furniture can be pretty easy and very inexpensive with some of today’s spray paints for multiple surfaces.   For instance Rustoleum spray paint offers a broad range of colors good for multiple surfaces like wood, metal, wicker, and even plastic.  It is amazing what a bit of paint will do to change the appearance of even the simplest piece of furniture or an accessory. 


I have spray painted wicker chairs, bamboo tables, plastic and cloth lamp shades, even flower pots (BEFORE planting).  Bigger projects included doing some dining chairs, which I sprayed with Chalk paint spray, then distressed lightly with steel wool.   Some projects like a dining table, desks, and chests of drawers do better with brush painting.  These are not large surfaces, so painting time is minimal.  The only additional work is that wood needs to be lightly sanded first, and if you are going to go from a very dark paint or wood color to light, it should have a coat of primer first.  After sanding, be sure to clean all the dust thoroughly, try and use a tack cloth for best results,  otherwise it may end up bubbling your paint and your finish won’t be smooth.


When spray painting, it is best to do it outside when it is not windy or dusty.  A well ventilated area is key to safely spray painting, and be sure to put drop cloths all around the area to avoid painting things other than the target furniture.  When spraying stay 8 to 10 inches away from the surface and move your hand in a back and forth motion, so that it doesn’t clump or drip.  It is best to practice a bit before doing your piece of furniture.  And as far as quantity of paint, usually one can of spray paint will do one chair, for instance.


For sources of second hand furniture, LivinQ8.com has an extensive classified section, and you can also find used furniture on JustLanded.com and the Facebook page for Kuwait Expats.  These sources are great for cheap furniture.  Inexpensive new furniture from IKEA, or City Center might have a piece that would work, and just needs a bit of paint to transform to your décor.


Check out Pinterest for more ideas on DIY, and good luck with your Treasure Hunt!

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