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Where Can You Learn to Krump, Pop, Play the Oud & Sing in Kuwait?

LOYAC Academy of Performing Arts (LAPA) is an academy that empowers the talented youth of Kuwait to develop their skills and nurture their passion through programs in the fields of theatre, dance and music. LAPA was founded out of a deep belief in the therapeutic qualities of Art in all its forms.

LAPA is the first private Arabic academy for performing arts in Kuwait. It started in 2003 and was officially established in 2010 and offers the youth workshops in acting, music, singing, and dancing.

Performing arts develops youth's potential for self-expression and communication and helps them understand and appreciate life. In addition to elevating their verbal and physical abilities, performing arts contribute to enrich imagination, improve concentration, and better understand emotions; it both enhances team work and collaborative decision making.

Part of LOYAC is L1 Labs, a creative hub that educates the youth on the arts of animation and illustration, in the context of comic book design, smartphone applications, and more. At L1 Labs, they strive to exceed the imagination’s limits. There is no 'think out of the box’ experience because they do not believe in this so called ‘box'. Imagination is knowledge, and this what they go by and follow on a daily basis. Click [Here] to learn whats it all about.

So who are LOYAC?

LOYAC is a nonprofit organization working towards the overall development of the youth. They design and develop many programs to facilitate the professional development and personal growth of the youth, ages 6 to 30.

All their programs are either offered for free or are heavily subsidized. LOYAC is supported by organizations and businesses that believe in its mission. At LOYAC, they believe in engaging and fostering partnerships between the private sector, the civil society and the government.

It truly is an incredible organization, believing in the true core values of life; Love, Kindness & Empathy and if you don’t believe us, click [Here] to learn more.

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