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Charlotte Lucie: Featured Small Business


In 2016, the first Charlotte Lucie dress collection was launched by Australian expat Charlotte after 13 years of living and working in the Arabian Gulf. It was the result of years of designing dresses for herself and private clients that responded to the climate, culture and lifestyle of the Gulf.

Trained in numerous design fields of Landscape Architecture, Urban Design and Design Management, Charlotte moved from Sydney to Dubai in 2004 to work on the design of the Palm Island Projects. Arriving in peak summer, she quickly realised her Sydney summer wardrobe was not going to cut it in hot, humid and prestigious Dubai.  It was at this point she set about solving ‘what to wear’ in the Arabian Gulf.

Taking inspiration from local cultures and mixing it with Australian coastal living influences, Charlotte Lucie embraces linens, natural fabrics and relaxed styles. Her range appeals across a broad range of cultures, which in the Gulf tradition, is often accessorized with the bags, shoes and jewelry of luxury labels.

“We wanted to offer everyone affordable, relaxed and elegant pieces that are inspired by the richness and quality of fabrics available in the Middle East.” Charlotte.

Currently based in Kuwait, Charlotte sources all fabrics locally and often from the wider region as far as India. Kuwait has a rich and developed Fabric Souk in the centre of its city allowing all Charlotte Lucie products to be manufactured locally.

Charlotte Lucieis available at Tefaseel Boutique in Souk Al-Mubarakiya Kuwait City, via Direct Message on Instagram and often in local Kuwait Markets such as Art Space and Murouj. We are also very happy to work with our clients on commissioned pieces.

 For further information and orders for Charlotte Lucie Dresses:


Email us: Charlotte.lucie@outlook.com

Follow us on Instagram: @Charlottelucie.kw

By commission: email Charlotte.lucie@outlook.com


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