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Love Shopping? Avenues Phase 4 Opens 22nd March 2018


The shopping and entertainment experience at The Avenues will be complete with the completion of Phase IV. Phase IV will include expansions of existing districts that have been highly popular with visitors, including Prestige, Grand Avenue and The Souk. New districts with modern and diverse concepts will also be included to build on the shopping and entertainment experience. The new districts include The Arcades, The Grand Plaza, The Forum, The Gardens, Electra and The Cinema, as well as a five-star hotel and another four-star hotel. Phase IV has been built over an area of 117,000 sq.m., with a total leasable area of 95,000 sq.m., at a total cost of KD 265 million (approximately US$ 900 million). This will bring the total cost of The Avenues project to KD 600 million (approximately US$ 2billion).



A project as immense as The Avenues makes a noticeable impact on the Kuwaiti economy. In terms of tourism, the number of visitors from the Gulf States is constantly on the rise. The project also provides jobs to more than 20,000 people working in more than 800 stories. This number is expected to rise to 30,000 employees with the opening of Phase IV, which will host approximately 400 stores, bringing the total at The Avenues over 1200 units.





The Grand Avenue is a truly beautiful, tree-lined boulevard that echoes a grand, regional shopping street that has evolved over 100’s of years. The extension of 260 m long and 24 m wide Grand Avenue is the principle circulation route and orientation element of the complex. The retail facades, a mix of three styles; European, Regional and Contemporary together with a transparent roof structure reinforces and enhances the external appearance and atmosphere. Flexible single and double storey retail units line the length of the district with small upper floor terraces, accessed by lifts and escalators, providing alternative access to the retail units on the first floor. This vibrant ‘retail city’ will be created through a mix of international flagship stores and regional brand.





Following the successful launch of this district in Phase 3, Prestige will extend into Phase 4. A second slightly different dome has been designed as a counterpoint to the original in Phase 3 and a pair of helical escalator anchors the district. A new ground level drop off features exquisite detailing, al fresco covered dining and the same commitment to high quality materials and finishes. Two levels provide 47 luxury retail units. Single and two story units are accessible from both floors. 9 units flank the second entrance to Grand Avenue and 8 units flank the main drop off. The 23m high domed space is again the focal point of this district and also provides access to the adjacent Arcades district. The extended Prestige will host the most exclusive brands and top quality F&B offerings; making this the number one luxury destination in Kuwait for customers seeking the very best. The refined architecture is the perfect showcase for the quality and desirability of the products on offer.





The pinnacle of The Avenues development is Grand Plaza. This is a remarkable space and a fitting conclusion to the 640m promenade down Grand Avenue. Grand Plaza has been designed to be civic in scale and character and is the focal point of the whole development. There is ample seating and gathering space for shows, markets and performances. Crowning all of this is a spectacular ceiling structure. Grand Plaza will become a regionally acclaimed public space and is a special gift to the citizens of Kuwait. Access is from Grand Avenue and Electra. There is also central access from a dedicated ground level drop-off. 26 units face onto Grand Plaza. Measuring 35m by 122m, the scale is genuinely breathtaking. Large enough to accommodate performances, trade shows and public events, Grand Plaza is where it all happens at The Avenues. The four storey facades have been designed at an urban scale and reinforce the dramatic proportions. The elegant roof structure spans 54m and extends for 144m, making this feat of engineering a spectacle in its own right.





Inspired by the bright lights and high technology found in Hong Kong’s Kowloon and Tokyo’s Ginza district, Electra is where to go for a digital retail experience. This is the most exciting multimedia spectacle to be found in Kuwait, with interactive features and vibrant technological facades. Focusing on ‘The New’, Electra will constantly be evolving with new innovations in interactivity and display. There will always be something fresh on display in this district and every visit will be special and unique. The rotunda contains a 360° LED display screen that can be leased for retail display, product launches and interactive installations. Capping this space is a 14m diameter parabolic mirror, reflecting the interactive floor and all the activity in this space. The main rotunda is connected to Grand Avenue and Grand Plaza by two narrow digital alleys. The aesthetic is derived from an abundance of digital and illuminated signage and billboards from floor to walls. The vibrancy of the signage is balanced by the cool refinement of the building facades. Drawn from the black mirror face of a mobile phone, tablet or laptop each facade reflects the dynamic lighting and intensifies the experience. Metallic surfaces and honed granite as well as a fritted ceiling create an atmosphere of permanent dusk in Electra, adding to the drama of this space.






Connecting to Prestige from mezzanine and from The Arcades directly below, is the highest quality dining experience; The Gardens. A beautifully curved translucent roof soars above a collection of green courtyard spaces, providing a shaded al fresco gourmet dining experience. This sought after location is home to five signature restaurants each sharing cloistered circulation space. The tenants can have their layouts adjusted to suit the specific requirements of individual chefs. This can include private dining spaces as well as exhibition kitchens. Access is via the feature helical escalators from Prestige or dedicated elevators from The Arcades. The Gardens is designed to be the most memorable dining experience in Kuwait and will be home to world class cuisine and five star service. In years to come The Gardens at Prestige will be synonymous with quality cuisine and be known globally for providing the most sophisticated palates with exciting flavours and impeccable service.




Inspired by the great arcades of the world and consisting of three distinct architectural styles – minimal, diffused and interplay, each conveyed different characteristics. The Grand Arcade which provided an intimate enclosed retail offering.






Whether you’re entering from the stunning drop off, emerging in the central space or joining from any number of connections; The Forum offers the best in grand, modern metropolitan shopping experience. Making use of the vertical and horizontal shopping axis, the lower ground level transports you to the mighty Forum that offers a unique shopping experience with all the style of modern contemporary hospitality. At the centre piece of the district is the 70m diameter Circus covered by an intricate ETFE roof. The roof aims to have special integrated lighting along with projectors for video mapping on the Circus buildings to create spectacular ever changing environments. The Forum Circus connects to the lower ground via lifts that form a spectacle in themselves with opportunities for Art installations on lower ground level. Mixing dynamic and established brands housed in the architecture of London and New York City, two of the world’s most influential cosmopolitan cities in one district. The indefinable street character and varied connections to other districts, summarizes the metropolitan city shopping experience on offer.


The Forum Lower Ground

The Lower Forum transports you back to time of opulence and decadence wrapped up in classical splendour. Inspired by the Roman & Greek architecture of centuries past, this unique shopping experience gives one the feeling of the highest quality. Retail stores, Food & Beverage outlets and Anchor stores call the Lower Forum, home. The decorative materials, engulf the Lower Forum and further add to the lavishness. Emerging into the rotunda from under the highly decorated coffered ceilings you enter at the centre of the Lower Forum. The beautifully crafted central glass cylinder feature elevators transport you to the Ground Floor Forum, allowing you the chance to enjoy the view of the central forum space.






Modelled on a traditional Kuwaiti Souk, this district is an interpretation of this traditional regional retail architecture. The Souk at the Avenues is carefully designed to replicate the visual and sensory stimulus characteristic of the Souk environment. Narrow streets provide a market trader feel with units devoted to an array of products. Smaller units provide suitable locations for start up retailers giving a fresh edge and entrepreneurial spirit to the district. Following the typical Souk typology, the primary retail streets are narrow and connect to a network of secondary backstreets. Units are also smaller helping to create an intense and eclectic vibrancy. Restaurants, Cafes and bistros provide respite and meeting places to hang out and chill with friends. The tree shaded courtyards provide focal meeting spaces with food and beverage outlets strategically positioned within each courtyard to animate the space further.




Grand Opening


The Avenues Phase 4 Expansion opening on Thursday 22nd March 2018 at 10:30 AM attended under patronage of his highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Mubarak Al-Hamad Al Sabah accompanied by a number of ministers and senior officials in addition to Chairman and Board of Directors with executive management of Mabanee Company and The Avenues Mall Management.


The Public Grand Opening will follow the official inauguration ceremony to our values visitors at 11:30 AM with an array of live amusement activities and events during the opening weekend.


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