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Adopt a Fur Baby

PAWS Kuwait is a volunteer animal rescue centre, doing all they can to save the abandoned/abused animals of Kuwait.

With a priority to keeping the animals safe in their care, giving them the food, medication and shelter they need is a full time, expensive job. Dependant entirely on peoples kindness and generosity they have months where its hard to survive…taking care of 600animals is no easy task! PAWS have a NO KILL policy, meaning that even the 3 legged animals, or those with one eye have a chance to live a happy healthy life.

They have asked us to share their wish list, and if you’re able to help in any way please, please, please either contact us: info@livinq8.com or PAWS: manuelahintermaierali@gmail.com Please note that there is only one person at present to answer calls, reply to messages at PAWS, so please be patient, and if you’re able to be a point of contact, run social media accounts, they would love that too, the more people the better!


1. Cat food, kitty milk, cat litter, and cat toys, cat beds and cat trees.

2. Dog food, puppy food, dog beds, puppy toys. Puppies need loads of pads for peeing.

3. Important now for the summer….white tent material to cover the outside dog runners and shelter areas. We calculated 700 meters.

4. We need used beds and closet for workers.

5. A wish list for workers…. tea, any food, kleenex, towels, soap, razors, things workers may need.

6. Someone to take care of our Social Media

7. Old towels, old blankets, pillows for dogs and cats.

8. We have two monkeys which need fruits and vegetables.

9. A garden hose long enough to reach areas.

10. Big wide buckets or baby pools so we can fill with water so dogs can step in them to cool off.

11. Cleaning supplies…. clorox, dettol, brooms, brushes, sponges, dishsoap, small buckets for cleaning, big black trash bags. Newspaper to layout on floor.

12. Carpets

13. We have 7 workers…. maybe there is someone willing to pay a salary or two.

14. Our monthly rent is 600 kd

15. Someone whos tech savvy to maintain our website

16. Peeps to collect donations

17. Moral support😊


If you would like to donate please click the link in their instagram account @paws_kuwait and thanking you in advance for all your support


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