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Caravan: An Arabian Shopping Experience

A Life-time in Arabia

Um-Sami is a British lady who has made Kuwait her home for nearly forty years.  She has travelled extensively in Arabia searching for treasures for her Arabian gift company www.caravankw.com  and she will be sharing her stories and experiences with us in a series of articles for Livinq8


When I came to live in Arabia nearly 40 years ago, one of my favourite pastimes was to visit the old souk with all its wonderful sights, sounds and aromas.  The fragrance of sandalwood burning to entice customers to come and buy, mingling with the scent of perfumed oils and rosewater mixed in with the delicious aroma of little savoury pastries being cooked.  All this was heady stuff to a young girl fresh out of the Welsh valleys in the United Kingdom!

Sadly, the old souk as we once knew it has largely been replaced with modern replicas of the wooden stalls that once stood there and a lot of the unique ambiance and interesting merchandise has been lost with it.

I discovered many things on my visits to the old souk, the most wonderful being the fabled Frankincense and Myrrh. The discovery of these mystical treasures led me on another journey to research the history of these mysterious gifts. I discovered the legendary frankincense trail and the silk road and learned about the places where these two ancient trading routes interspersed and about the precious commodities that were being traded and bartered at the trading posts along the way. I also started to travel to some of the ancient trading posts to try and find out more.

I was inspired by my research and travels to start my company and named it ‘Caravan’ in memory of the  thousands of camel caravans that used to transport their precious cargo along these ancient roads.

Today at www.Caravankw.com  as well as wonderful Frankincense & Myrrh, you can find Silks, perfumed oils, spices, semi-precious stone jewellery, hand tooled leather, lots of camels in various shapes and forms  and many more fabulous gifts from Arabia. 


We are pleased to announce that Caravan are offering  followers of Livinq8 a 10% discount on purchases of 20 KD and above. To redeem this offer, visit www.caravankw.com , choose your gifts and upon checkout enter the code Livinq81 in the voucher box and you will automatically receive your discount. Happy shopping!


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