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Spoilt at Four Seasons, The Elements Experience!

A Brit, a Romanian and an Azerbaijani decided to celebrate Thanksgiving at the wonderful Four Seasons Hotel Kuwait at Burj Al Shaya, Kuwait. Even though, Thanksgiving isn’t a traditional holiday for any of us, we all agreed we had a lot to be thankful for, and gladly accepted an invitation to enjoy a delightful meal at this resplendent venue, we knew we were in for a culinary delight, but nothing had quiet prepared us for the treats that lay ahead.


If you have never been to the Four Seasons, it really is well worth a visit. As you enter into the hotel lobby you are met with the most incredible flower arrangements, reaching upwards, and though its busy, there’s a contagious calming atmosphere, as if all worries really are left at the door, as you enter upon this journey of wonder, discovery and relaxation.


Thanksgiving was being hosted at the Elements Restaurant, situated on the Hotels 4th floor, sharing wonderful night time views of Kuwait City, and a interior that reminded me of a cathedral, with the high ceilings and vaulted dark wood detail, and though the restaurant is quite large, it was still warm and welcoming, making it made a wonderful venue us to enjoy Thanksgiving.



Elements, is a buffet style restaurant with different stations catering for all palettes, from succulent sushi to flavoursome Indian, delicious Arabic cuisine to mouth watering pizzas, and not just any pizza, these even had quails eggs as part of the toppings! An incredible juice bar, and you can even mix your own salad with your desired dressing, direct in a mason jar. (the salad is prepared in the jar, and you just add your desired dressing to the jar and shake!) So what delights did we choose?




We are all die hard sushi lovers, so the idea of having super fresh, sushi was hard to resist, and with such a wonderful selection, all tasting simply perfect, served beautifully and right before our very eyes, we could have easily indulged ourselves all night with these succulent gems.




But it was Thanksgiving, and the traditional Turkey and Beef Ribs had been prepared, along with all the delicious side trimmings, and if like me, you don’t eat meat…there was wonderful salmon also available. The Turkey (I’m told), was roasted to perfection, moist and tender, the ribs, simply fell off the bone, cooked to perfection…. served with the traditional cranberry sauce, (or BBQ sauce if you’d selected the ribs) baby carrots, potatoes, pumpkin, brussels sprouts (oh the brussels were the best I’d tasted in ages, with the sweet taste of what I believe was maple syrup they were divine)…….need I go on?





Over indulge we did, but every morsel was savoured and enjoyed, and we made sure we had left room for at least one of the delicious desserts that had been prepared. There was tangy, tart lemon meringue (my favourite), or the classic pecan pie (which Laura is still craving more of today), pumpkin pie, and many other sweet delights benefiting of the season, in addition there was a vast selection of baklava and fresh fruits….spoilt for choice, indeed we were!




It  really was a splendid evening, full of wonderful new experiences and memories, and ended perfectly with the pleasurable meeting of the incredible Executive Chef Sebastiano Spriveri, who has been quoted saying “I would like to leave people with memories, and that they are special and part of our family.” And that, Chef Sebastiano you and your amazing team certainly did…..thank you, for welcoming us into your family.


Four Seasons Elements restaurant is open daily for:

Breakfast 7:00 – 11:00 and for Lunch, Saturday to Thursday, 13:00 – 15:30.

Friday Brunch is served 13:00 – 16:00

For reservations please contact: +(965) 2200 6000 or reservations.kuw@fourseasons.com.


Please note this is an honest review, and LivinQ8 would not share anything that was untrue or negative, preferring to share a bad experience with the relevant management, to give them the chance to rectify any issues, before we redid/published a review.

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