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Why you should Customize your Jewelery?

There are many reasons for customization. One of the biggest reason is that you can create a piece which reflects your own personality, taste and style. Customization of a piece as small as a stud earring in your birthstone, or personalized cufflinks with your name and initials engraved in them show a connection with yourself.


Professional Jewellery Designers have the talent and the artistic creativity, which makes customization possible. Designers put your ideas into reality on paper and then create an actual piece of jewellery from it. The key to have a bespoke piece successfully crafted, is listening to the advice of your jewellery designer. Designers have the technical knowledge along with their creative skills and will suggest you what element of design will look good and what gemstones will enhance the beauty of the piece. You must trust your designer. They know your personality, your style, your budget and your size, so creating a piece which is apt for you is their forte. 


Customized pieces are usually priced higher than the ones readily available in the market. The reason for this being that it is a unique design which is especially made for you, according to your ideas and imagination, along with the professional talent and creativity of the designer and skillful crafting done by the jewelers to create your single piece. Ready jewellery designs are commonly found in the market, they have a mould set which makes it easy to bulk produce, where multiple pieces of the same design are made, hence cutting its costs. But a customized piece is a single piece, unique to you, which increases its cost by a little margin.


One must also consider the time frame involved in customized pieces. It is advisable to make your order a few weeks in advance, keeping in mind the technicalities involved in creating a Bespoke piece. Giving enough time to the jeweller to make your piece with utmost care, rather than in a hush. So, plan well in advance if you want to gift someone on their special occasions, or if making for yourself too.


Another important reason for customization of jewellery is, Size. Jewellery of standard and basic measurements is readily available in the market. However sometimes these ready pieces do not fit properly. Either they are too tight or too loose. Here is where customization comes in. When you choose to custom make your jewellery pieces, the jeweller will make the piece fit to your size and measurement, be it a ring, a bracelet, a bangle or even a simple chain that goes around the neck. The comfort and ease of a customized piece is much more as compared to a standard size piece.


And lastly, a Bespoke piece of jewellery is something that will stay with you for a very long time, it has a special story and connection to it as you have got it made as per your choice and liking. These Custom-made Bespoke Jewellery pieces are not only outstanding and unique but they also have an everlasting emotion connected to it.


Get in touch with me, if you need any further information on customized jewellery and I shall be glad to answer any queries you may have. Book your appointment on +965 67725075 or +965 90903868. 


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