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Schizographics: A New Art Form

Angels, a Spanish artist from Barcelona who has lived across Latin America and the Middle East – places and cultures that have inspired her artistic career, influenced by their richness in colors and cultural diversity.


She studied jewelry and pottery in Mexico, ambit in which she combined textures and materials (noble metals, gems, clay and pearls), into unique pieces of art.


Alternatively, her artistic restlessness leads her to immerse herself in alternative crossed creative paths, where managed to reflect her artistic inquisitiveness throughout a new style: Schizographics.


Schizographicsdrawing on paper:


By using Sumi ink combined in occasions with gold leave and a touch of colors, she expresses herself through geometric patterns on diverse materials, like paper, stones, wood, fabric …


Schizographicson wood (e.g. skateboard)                                                                   

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Lately transforming sneakers into exclusive pieces of wearing art. The graphics of each shoe vary from each other and each pair has his own and exclusive design.


If you want to wear something exclusive, Angels offers the unique possibility to personalize your new pair of white canvas sneakers


Schizographicson white canvas sneakers:

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A pair of blue shoesDescription automatically generated


Get in touch with Angels at angels.madrueno@gmail.comand see more about her work in Instagram an.madruenoand her web site www.schizographics.com

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