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A Molecular Gastronomy Experience

This weekend, The Regency Hotel, Kuwait are hosting an incredible Gastronomy Experience. Where food is combined with science and art to become Molecular Gastronomy. A menu comprising of 7 unique, delicious, vegan dishes created by an amazing Swedish Chef, (though she prefers to be called a Food Artist, and when you experience her food and the journey you’ll embark on, you’ll understand why), Tora Flora. She creates more than just excellent plant-based meals, she gives a “unique and memorable experience that is created by science, art and a pinch of madness”.


LivinQ8 had the absolute pleasure and privilege to be able to sample a few of the exceptional creations and the journey that guests will be treated too.

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Tora, walked us through the entire culinary experience, that was filled with many surprises, and we’re told that Tora also interacts with her guests throughout the evening, explaining the science and art behind her unique creations.


Tora greeted us with a delightful mini chest, when we opened it, we were surprised by the fragrant smoke that wafted from this beautiful wooden box, containing a note, rolled and tied together with natural twine and a beautiful, delicate flower……what did this note say? Well, you will need to attend the experience to know! This was the beginning of a very memorable culinary journey.


Our first plate was a feast for our eyes, what struck us first was the incredible colours and a very pretty pink, beetroot foam! The dish comprised of finely sliced beetroot infused with ginger, tiny chopped cubes of pear flavoured with cardamom were peeping from underneath. On the side was a beautiful ball of creamy vegan cheese, created from cashews and lightly flavoured with thyme, with a final decoration of minuscule beetroot pearls and fresh, wild, edible flowers. We personally have never seen anything like this, and the flavours were explosive! The combination of flavours, the sweetness of the pear and tang of ginger in the beetroot, was perfectly complimented by the cheese, whose texture was that of cream cheese made from diary. What a wonderful dish to start this experience….and we couldn’t wait to see what followed.


Tora shared with us how she makes these tiny beetroot pearls and pretty pink bubbling foam, and the science blew us away….and if you’re fortunate to be able to attend her experience, we’re sure she’ll share with you too.


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Our next dish was soup….soup yes, but not JUST soup! It had Tora’s unique touch and flavours, beautiful to look and I felt guilty to disturb the beautiful edible wild flowers that decorated the top of this smooth, creamy soup created from sweet red capsicum, that had a chilli kick, roasted almond flakes and garlic pearls. Served on the side was a seeded cracker, gluten free, arranged as if it was a bridge across this delectable soup. The cracker had a delightful crunch to it, but yet chewy, and if you wanted to dip it in the soup…it did not go soggy! Yes, it tasted divine, and if we had been alone, I would licked the bowl clean!


Finally came dessert, but before we could sample this delightful creation, Tora shared with us a blue coloured tea, and served on the side was a wedge of lime and a paper note…..Tora asked us to place the folded note on top of tea, and upon doing so, it opened like a flower with another message inside for us (again, we will not spoil the surprise of what it said). Its these little touches that add to this unforgettable experience, but the tea surprise didn’t stop there. Remember the wedge of lime? Tora asked us to squeeze the lime into the tea, stirring at the same time, what happened? The tea turned a beautiful shade of purple! Oh, and how did the tea taste? It was pleasantly sweet and yet tangy, a lovely way to cleanse the palate before tasting the finale! Dessert!


Dessert…..another creation that not only pleased the eye, but again tantalised the taste buds, and not just in the taste. Before we could dig in, Tora pointed to jelly like pink sphere that decorated the plate, and asked us to put the entire sphere on the spoon and eat it whole, what happened next we certainly didn’t expect, it literally exploded in our mouths releasing a delicious raspberry juice. Amazing! So what else was on this plate of surprises? A wonderful, creamy raspberry cheesecake, that had a nutty, gluten free, cocoa base, if we didn’t know better, we would have thought it contained diary, but Tora assured us it was created from cashews, a staple in vegan cooking. In addition, the plate was decorated with Toras signature pearls, this time they were created from raspberries, petit balls of creamy coconut that sparkled from the raspberry sugar they were coated with and petit balls of crunchy, chewy caramelised walnuts, and of course, the beautiful, delicate, edible wild flowers. The fusion of flavours and textures was incredible, and not a crumb was left on the plate!


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If someone had told us that Vegan food could be so delicious, that it wasn’t just salads, that even a meat lover would enjoy the experience, we wouldn’t have believed them! But, after just sampling three of the seven dishes served from the fixed menu, we just know that this isn’t true, and something you need to try to believe. In Tora’s words, she shares a unique and memorable experience which is created by science, art and a pinch of madness!


To book this incredible Molecular Gastronomy Experience at the Regency Hotel, Kuwait on the 22nd & 23rd June, please click [Here]and if you would like to learn more about Tora Flora, please click here to see our interview.


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