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OVO – A tucked away delight

When I was invited to OVO for lunch to catch up with a dear friend I even enjoyed finding it as I felt like I was walking through an enchanted maze following the signs to it’s beautifully tucked away location. Once there on display a selection of food looking fresh, appetizing and tempting. I shared the vegan version of Spatzle – which is a popular German dish of soft dumplings, pasta with asparagus and Gruyere cheese and the Kale Tabbouleh. Words just fail me to describe how much I enjoyed both dishes as my taste buds came to life!

As I read through the menu I wanted to try everything! I usually don’t like Kale as I find it can be bitter but this Kale Tabbouleh surprised me as the dressing with pomegranate complimenting the kale and tied it all together, I loved it! The Vegan version of Spatzle was amazing with it’s peppery, creamy blended sauce, making it hard for me to believe it was actually vegan, I loved this dish and whilst I don’t like asparagus, on this occasion I did. This was a very creative dish to say the least with it’s delicate,  light, dumplings.

Find them at:

Click [Here] for location

Opening times:

12 noon to 10:30 pm. Closed on Sundays (reservations are recommended)

To reserve please call 22575324

 Article written by Ruby Chehade, LivinWorld

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