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Meat lover? We challenge you

OMG… I can’t believe it.

Yes, it really is plant-based.

With Greta Thunburg taking over headlines, people obsessing over Netflix’s new documentary ‘The Game Changers,’ or reading Johnathan Safran Foer’s ‘We are the Weather,’ more people are reducing and even eliminating meat and animal products from their lives. Weather it’s for environmental reasons (pun intended), health reasons, or simply animal welfare reasons, it’s a big change.

We’d love to be part of this change, and the facts are stacked up against us.

We aren’t perfect, nor are we claiming to be. We do serve non-plant based dishes – and will continue to do so – but we are trying to do our part and inspire those who are trying to change their dietary lifestyle. It’s the little steps that make all the difference.

Meat Eater & Lover?  Try Meatfree Monday’s at Maki – we challenge you!
Already trying to reduce your meat intake?  Try Meatfree Monday’s at Maki. It’s not a challenge, but you’ll enjoy it anyways.

We have a truly amazing selection of over 20 plant-based/vegan dishes and our creative chef’s would be more than happy to make something up for you on the spot.

Crispy Oliva Gunkan, a new Lena Maki, Akagome Tofu Teppan, and many more. We even have a vegan version of our Crispy Salad – yes, vegan mayo! It’s seriously a lifechanger.

Tag us #MakiMeatfreeMonday for your chance to get a little something from us.

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