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I can’t believe its plant based


This week, Maki launched two “I CAN’T BELIEVE ITS PLANT-BASED” events, one in Bahrain and the other in their Burj Jassim branch in Kuwait.

The event in Bahrain was proud to host female vegan and sports influencers from Bahrain, as well as meat-eaters, and esteemed ambassadors, all enjoying the same plant-based menu.

Maki strives to be forward-thinking and has had a generous and rich vegan menu available for many years now, with over 20 options available, and are continuing to innovate with the boundless options available for vegans.

“We want to inspire people who are vegan to continue and for the carnivores, show them that plants can taste good, and even better than meat!” says co-founder and managing partner at Maki Bahrain branch, Amer Zeitoun.

The event and menu was a joint effort by two Maki Executive Chefs: Chef Louis, the Taiwanese-American with over 30-years of experience as a sushi chef from Las Vegas, and Chef Daisuke, a Japanese chef who joined Maki from Vienna.

The menu started with a mushroom Hot and Sour soup, Maki’s Signature Crispy Salad with Tofu Croutons, Special Filo Asparagus Tempura, followed by a medley of vegan Maki‘s, including namesake Issa Maki, Lena Maki, Kale Maki, I CANT BELIEVE ITS PLANT-BASED Burger Maki and others. The main was Maki’s homemade Matcha Yaki Udon. For dessert, guests were treated with a delicious trio of traditional homemade mochi.

The front of house team was led by the Operations Manager Toufic Salloum, who attended both events, along with Founder Oliver Zeitoun and CEO Joe Hajjali. The service was exquisite and attentive, with the front of house team working to create an unforgettable experience for all guests. Maki is proud to be pioneering in innovative plant-based eating in the Gulf Region and both the team and guests were very happy with the success of both events.


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