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The talented Tora Flora

Tora Flora is a Swedish food artist,  believing that food is art. She conveys more than just good and sustainable meals, giving a unique and memorable experience which is created by science, art and a pinch of madness. She works globally as a consultant, performing adventurous pop-up dining experiences at hotels, resorts and restaurants; whilst also developing uniquely designed vegan menus for hotels, resorts and restaurants. Here’s what happened when LivinQ8 met with this incredibly talented and delightful Tora Flora!

I believe you are a scientist, what/who was your inspiration for choosing the path to becoming a Chef? Did you face any challenges from your family when you decided to embark on this career path to specialise in molecular gastronomy?

My father is an artist and also a botanist, I would spend my time with him exploring nature and learning about the wild flowers that were edible. I studied a bachelor degree in gastronomy and a master degree in food and meal science,, and after graduating from University I decided I wanted to combine my love of science with my love for creating beautiful food with a unique artistic touch, combining the knowledge I had gained from my father.

You have a very unique name, Is it your real name?

When I was growing up, my nickname at home was Tora Flora, I also had a doll with the same name…..so I guess it was meant to be!

What made you decide to focus on Vegan food?

I really support vegan food due to all the good benefits it does for both our bodies and the planet. I myself am not a vegan, believing that to be able to create delicious dishes I need to understand how all types of food taste, so I can recreate similar textures and flavours within a plant based menu. The experience I have created within my gastronomy menu is very unique that everyone will enjoy, vegan or not.  I challenge the vegan cuisine by creating beautiful, tasty and entertaining dishes that cannot be called salads. This to normalize and show that plant-based food is for all of us to enjoy.

You have been recognised in Sweden for your entrepreneurial spirit, what is your next goal you would like to achieve?

My long term goals are constantly evolving, at present, I enjoy the wonderful adventures of travelling around the globe, with my “pop-up” concept, from Maldives, to the Seychelles, Spain etc…and here in Kuwait, my first time travelling to the Middle East. But maybe in a couple of years I would like to open my own restaurant.

Do you face any unique challenges in the type of food you prepare?

When I travel to share the molecular gastronomy experience, I need some very specific ingredients, and in some locations these are difficult to obtain, but thankfully I can always bring them with me when I travel. Kuwait is incredible as everything I required was available here…..even the fresh edible flowers and specific compounds.

What foods do you like to combine and why?

I love to combine the delicious edible flowers within my food, it reminds me of my childhood spent exploring with my father.

What is your philosophy when it comes to food?

To create food for everyone to enjoy, it needs to be delicious and beautiful to look at. That’s why I consider myself more as Food Artist than a Chef.

What inspires you? How do you come up with ideas for the dishes in your dining experience?

I spend hours in the kitchen combining ingredients with the science that I learnt, plating the dishes so they become a work of art.

What has been your biggest kitchen disaster, and what has been your funniest?

When I travel with my experience, I use many different kitchens, the first couple of days can be a little challenging…….but it soon passes. It wonderful to be able to share my art with the many Chefs I have been able to meet around the world.

What has been your biggest achievement to date?

To be recognised in Sweden as a leading Entrepreneur, and to be able to travel the world for many people to enjoy my style of cuisine.

What would you say is the biggest misconception of being a Chef?

That we’re all angry!

Is there a particular dish you crave when you’re sick?

Soup! I love soup! I make a large quantity every week, that will keep my fed for 5days!!!

What would be your advice to anyone thinking of becoming a chef?

Follow your passion and don’t be afraid to adopt your own unique brand.

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To learn more visit: https://www.toraflorafood.com/

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