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Do you love fish, shrimp and all things fishy?

Wow, what an experience this was! Kuwaits largest fish market at Souk Sharq. Don’t wear your finest shoes as the tiled floor is a wash of ice, fish ‘juices’ but fortunately mostly the water from the staff keeping it hosed down. It’s also likely to be a long way from heaven if you’re sensitive to the scents of marine life! But even if you are you really should take a look inside this building at one side of the shopping mall.

Counters and counters piled high with every fish imaginable, from the smallest prawns (shrimps if you’re a non-brit) to the largest creatures I’ve seen outside of a marine centre. Similar to a normal market you may think but you’re drawn to one end by the incredible noise of the huge group of people shouting. Here buckets full of fish are emptied onto the floor with keen punters scooping them up into carrier bags, trading money quickly to secure the great deals.

People run from one counter to another with shopping trolleys laden with bags of fresh fish and it’s incredible that in the haste they don’t slip on the floor! You can’t really stand around people watching because you’re bound to get in the way of someone pretty quickly, but it’s easy to spend thirty minutes walking around in awe of everything that’s going on. If you haven’t been to anything similar you really must take a look; I was truly amazed.

Take a look at this link to see the Fish Market in action: Click [Here]

Open daily from 8am until Midnight

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