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Day 1 of Lockdown

Vital as it is to stemming the coronavirus outbreak and flattening the curve, lockdown is anything but a cakewalk. The hours seem to stretch on and on, and there’s only so long you can stare at Facebook to while away the time. We’re not immune to this either, which is why we’ve attempted to deliver you from boredom with LivinQ8’s bucket list, filled with creative, time-consuming, and often daft ideas to make the most of your time indoors. Go get stuck in!


So here we go! Day 1 of 20!


Visit the Happiest Place On Earth from the comfort of your living room, Disneyland!

The best part—no lines! Disneyland might have shut its doors temporarily, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the fun — even if you’re a million miles away. That’s right, you can now enjoy all your favourite rides without leaving your sofa! Just click [here] and enjoy.


Teach your dog new tricks:

We get it…even your pooch is going to get itchy feet and needs a way to lose all that energy, so how about trying these activities, you’ll love it too!

Search Games: Hiding some treats and toys all around the house will create something like a scavenger hunt for your dog. He can use his senses and find these rewards once he finds your hiding spots. Just make sure you only hide small amounts of tasty food, and not too much.

Shell game: Place three plastic cups upside-down on the floor and hide a treat under one of the cups. Move the cups around each other while your dog watches the movements. Then see if he can find the cup with his reward.

Frozen treats: are another source of fun and entertainment.  You just need to put some food or a treat in an ice-cream container, fill it with water and freeze it. Your pet will have lots of fun waiting for the ice to melt and revealing the delicious surprise for him to enjoy.

Chewing: is a natural behaviour for dogs and chews such as Kongs can keep your dog busy for hours, as well as helping to maintain good dog dental hygiene.

Teach basic commands: Does he already know the important commands like "sit", "stay", "come"? Now is the time to put in some hours of reward-based training. You can try it with clicker training: More here!

Teach names: Give toys names and ask your dog to fetch "teddy", "ball", or "dolly" and put them in a box.

Tidying up: Much to the delight of your children, train your dog to also put away his toys, preferably in a box.


Refresh your wardrobe by upcycling your old clothes…how? Just click [here] and learn.


Build the greatest pillow fort of all time, if you need inspiration, of course we can help….just click away!


Make epic pasta with an Italian Nonna!

This fabulous YouTube channel films Italian Nonnas cooking pasta live, many of the ladies are over 80, and they are a joy and inspiration to watch, simply, bellisima! Watch & enjoy by clicking [here].


And that’s it, first day down….just 19 to go! Take care, please stay home and save lives..


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