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Golden moments

Let’s talk Golden Moments (keep it clean folks, this is a family publication). A Golden Moment is time you take every day for yourself that leaves you feeling calmer, refreshed, peaceful; for some it could be five minutes in the morning with a cup of tea or coffee in a quiet place, for others it could be an extra long shower, for others it’s visiting a favourite spot for lunch. A Golden Moment doesn’t have to be something you take a lot of time for or drive somewhere special to achieve, but it should leave you with a good feeling. For me it used to be a cup of coffee and a cigarette on my balcony before I got ready for work (yes I was a very heavy smoker once upon a time), now that looks a little different, the cigarettes are long gone and with two young children, there’s not much chance of a morning coffee in silence, so I find it later in the day by sitting down in the garden after bedtime. I look forward to it every day and when I don’t get that moment, I miss it; it’s a calming, quiet, reflective time and brings some much needed peace to my evenings.

Why should we make the time? In a word, stress. We live stressful lives – whether you’re a CEO, a stay at home parent or something in between, regardless of where it comes from, we all get stressed, and no matter our job title, it isn’t good for us. Stress affects your body, your mind, your behaviour and emotions; it can make existing health problems worse, suppress your immune system leaving you susceptible to all sorts of uncomfortable things.

What do we do during these Golden Moments? Relax. That’s it. In these fleeting daily moments, we take a little time for ourselves, think of nothing, clear our minds and enjoy the moment. This, my friends, is called relaxing. When we relax we lower our blood pressure, slow our breathing rate, slow our heart rate, improve digestion, reduce the activity of our stress hormones, maintain steady blood sugar, increase blood flow to major muscles, reduce muscle tension and pain, improve our mood, improve concentration, improve our quality of sleep which leaves us feeling less tired, reduces our anger and frustration and generally just makes us feel a whole lot better about life. That’s a lot to cram into a few minutes, right? It almost seems unbelievable, but that’s how simple it is to de stress our body and mind – we just need to take the time, which for many of us is the biggest challenge. So that’s why we start small, with a Golden Moment we allocate to ourselves every day; we take that time, whether it’s two, five, ten or twenty minutes, we remove everything else from our mind and we relax.

It may not sound like much, but believe me, giving yourself this time every day is a great start in self-care and building your health. Take the challenge, enjoy your Golden Moment every day for a week and see how you feel.

Emma Clement-Wriede

Health Coach & Nutritional Therapist

Contact for an Appointment: emma@nostresswellness.org

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