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Stay at home fitness with Radisson Blu

Stay Fit with Radisson Blu and Viking Club

Are you looking for the way to stay fit even when social distancing at home? The trainers Ira and Viktor of the Viking Club have prepared some easy at-home workouts for you. No equipment is required only things that you can find at each household.

Full Body workout with Viktor Keranovic

Viktor earned his degree in Sports and Physical Education. Viktor was a trainer at high school for years and certified instructor in Body Challenge. Currently Viktor holds group classes and personal training.

For this workout, you don’t need any equipment. This routine consists of Warm up and 2 different sets of workout.

Warm Up

3 sets (repetitions)

  • 20x Jumping Jack
  • 15x Hip Bridge
  • 10x Air Squat
  • 5x Inchworm

Workout 1

4 sets (repetitions)

40 sec. on / 20 sec. off

  • 10x High Knee + 10x Mountain Climber
  • 3x Air Squat + 3x Jump Squat
  • 3x Push-up + 5x Superman
  • 4x Jumping Lunge + 6x Jumping Jack
  • 3x Half Burpee + 6x Tap Shoulder

Alternate each exercise for 40 seconds with 20 second rest in between each exercise. Once you’ve done the whole set 4 times, take some rest and continue with the next one.

Workout 2

3 sets (repetitions)

Plank for 40 – 60 seconds with rest in between.

Once you complete the Workout 2 3 times, the workout is complete.

Full body workout with IRYNA ROMANCHENKO

Iryna earned her degree in Physical Education in Ukraine and is certified gym instructor. Iryna specializes in gymnastics for adults and children, pilates, stretching and power class.

This workout doesn’t include warm-up. You can utilize warm-up from previous session. For this workout, you’ll need a chair (any you can find at home).


60 sec. each exercise

4 sets (repetitions) with 45 sec. rest in between the sets

  • Push-up + Mountain Climber
  • Single Reverse Lunge + Knee Up
  • Dips on a Chair
  • Standing Single Leg Hip Extension + Knee Up
  • Chair Planks Up

Once you complete the set 4 times, this workout is complete.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the workout. Stay tuned to @thevikingclubkuwait and @radissonblukuwait for more. Share your own workout pictures or videos and tag @thevikingclubkuwait.

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