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Pizza Delivery Food Hacks

Love Pizza? Spice up your Pizza delivery with these Chef approved home hacks!

  • Add soy sauce to a takeaway pizza, it brings out the sweetness in the tomato while intensifying the cheesy umami goodness: James Cochran
  • Melt down goats cheese with garlic-and-herb, with either yogurt or cream cheese and lemon juice. It makes the perfect dipping sauce for your pizza: Oliver Gladwin
  • Even the worst takeaway pizza can be improved with a hit of chilli. Keep Thai green chillies in the freezer so you can add them to takeaway pizzas when needed. Also, if you ever see chilli oil in a sachet, grab a few extras for future pizzas and go to town with it: Pip Lacey
  • Always whack the oven on ready for arrival and stick the pizza in for a two-minute freshen up before eating it. After that, it tastes like it’s just come fresh out the kitchen: Andy Waugh
  • Try grating over fresh parmesan and drizzle over some extra-virgin olive oil, and on occasion, grate over some 100 percent cacao chocolate, especially on spicy pizzas as this adds depth and can temper even the fiercest of pizzas: Paul Young
  • No matter what pizza you have, home-made garlic and herb sauce is essential. Regardless of the type of dough or toppings in it, it just takes a pizza to whole new level of flavour without overpowering the other ingredients: Dario Carvalho
  • Always have capers and a really good aged parmesan in the fridge, adding those to a pizza last minute is essential. Rocket too: Robin Gill
  • It’s in the small details: salt, pepper and good olive oil! it’s simple but sometimes that’s all that is missing. Although adding rocket, anchovies, lemon zest and good quality paramassa cheese is a favourite. If you are working with unbaked, frozen or cooked and warmed home pizza, don’t cook your pizza directly on a tray. I find you get a much better all over crust forming straight on the wire rack: Neil Campbell

Inspiration: Time Out, London

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