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Day 3 of Lockdown

Kuwait Lockdown Day 3


And so it becomes real! Day 3 of 20!


As we begin to settle into our new routines, what has become our new reality, however surreal it may seem, we have to remember that indeed, nothing lasts forever, but while we’re safely tucked up at home lets have some fun, and of course we have 5 more suggestions for your to try today (or any day you like 😉 )


Learn to play the guitar

Fender, the guitar manufacturing company, is offering three free months of their online music lessons during the coronavirus outbreak. Their online music program, Fender Play, will be free to everyone who wants to learn how to play while they’re practicing social distancing. How thoughtful!

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to play an instrument or want to use this free time to brush up on your musical skills, Fender Play is a great option. The music education program gives you access to multiple levels of courses on several different guitar styles as well as bass and ukulele lessons.

They’re offering the first 1million who sign up 3months free so simply follow this [Link] and sign up online, no credit card required. Once three months is up, you have the option of continuing lessons for a small fee month, but there’s no pressure to buy, so rock your way through this quarantine and we’ll see you on the other side.


Watch every David Attenborough nature documentary

Come on, we all agree, Sir David Attenborough is a legend, with over 60years of documentaries its an impressive career, his distinct voice and enthusiasm make him a joy to watch, and we can learn so much. Click [Here] to learn more


Recreate a Kuwait landmark

Please do share the results with us


Finally understand TikTok….you know all the kids are doing it!


Hop on tour of some of the worlds finest Galleries & Museums

No need to leave the house to travel the world and see some of the iconic masterpieces that have been created by the generations before us, just sit back and enjoy the tour by click [Here]



If you have any suggestions you would like to share, please just drop us a line info@livinq8.com and we’ll share away. In the meantime, I know we cherish those 2 hours outside, its important not just for our physical health, but mental health too….but please, please, please maintain social distancing and be sensible, this isn’t a time for bravado. Stay home & save lives, love us at LivinQ8 until tomorrow


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