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Day 4 of Lockdown

Kuwait Lockdown Day 4


Day 4 of 20!


Day 4…….and how many of us have been outside to take advantage of our 2 hour walk? To take a moment to breathe in the clean air, listen to the birds, see the leaves rustle in the breeze and indeed smell the flowers, I have been amazed about how beautifully fragrant it is when walking at this time. But, moving on….heres another 5 ideas of what to do with your time today!


Become that Instagram Influencer you knew you were destined to be

Or indeed, just learn some of the tricks of the trade to enhance your profile and maximise your reach, click [here] to learn how.


See Londons history unfold in this mesmerising

This is a must see, and only 7 minutes long……incredible for over a 2000 year history! From the Romans to today…go on a journey of discovery, music’s pretty cool too!


Become a master of disguise from a former CIA officer

Theres no better time to learn a new skill, and while we can wear a mask and be pretty incognito at the moment, this can be a serious bit of fun during lockdown…. Whether you’re hoping to hide from your housemate as you sneak to the fridge for the seven millionth time, or frighten your brother as he leaves his bedroom, disguises can really add a whole load of excitement to the lockdown days monotomy. Click [here] to learn how in this fascinating video.


Design a new Zoom chat background for meetings (adding yourself to memes is highly encouraged)


Watch the Northern Lights on this mesmerising [live feed]

Every single evening, for the past 8 years this feed has been streaming the sky in all its glory. If you’ve picked a good night, you’ll catch nature’s stunning light show live from Churchill, Manitoba in Canada. The cam is located directly underneath the aurora oval, which is one of the best places in the world to admire the northern lights. And the very best part? You can do so without trudging through the arctic conditions and, instead, can camp out from your sofa with a nice warm brew.


And that’s our pick of 5 must do’s today…and as always, please do stay home and save lives, until tomorrow, love us at LivinQ8


Photo courtesy of Ladies who do lunch (Geese at Marina Mall, Gulf Road, enjoying the lockdown)


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