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Day 6 of Lockdown

Kuwait Lockdown Day 6


Day 6 of 20!


Day 6…….(Sorry we missed Day 5, took a cheeky day off 😉 ) So that’s it, imagine 25% of lockdown already done…..just a round two weeks to go, and as promised, here’s another 5 things to keep you entertained and out of mischief!


Take a Lockdown Gap “Year”

Set off on a lockdown gap year by transforming each room in your house into a far-flung destination, we did say we would have some unusual suggestions to keep you busy.


Dive into the World of Opera free online performances

Well-established as a go-to resource for opera buffs, OperaVision have upped the number of free performances on their platform. Classic operas, performed in some of the finest opera houses across the Globe, are on offer here, with everyone from Verdi to Puccini, and Mozart to Wagner making an appearance. Grab the popcorn and check out the full streaming programme here!


Enjoy a fitness class for you and the kids

Joe Wicks, more commonly known as The Body Coach, has launched live daily PE lessons on his YouTube channel. The British fitness guru, who rose to fame thanks to his popular 15-minute recipes and HIIT workout videos, will host the classes from Monday to Friday at 11am Kuwait time. Click [here] and use the last 14 days of lockdown to get fit!


Organise a pillow fight which the whole apartment has to partake in

Organise a flat-wide pillow fight to decide who your zombie apocalypse leader is


Adopt a Grandparent

Help beat the loneliness with this wonderful initiative. The Adopt A Grandparent scheme intends to match caring individuals in the community with an elderly resident, with the aim of creating long-lasting intergenerational friendships. Participants are able to take part in many ways, such as having phone or video calls, sending pictures or poems for them to enjoy, or sharing stories and sending letters or postcards.

Every little bit of communication, albeit digital, goes a long way to providing care and is a welcome distraction for all at this time. To get involved, go to the Adopt A Grandparent page of their website and fill in the form. A staff member will then be in touch.


And that’s our pick of 5 must do’s today, we know some random, but totally awesome ways to keep busy…and as always, please do stay home and save lives, until tomorrow, love us at LivinQ8


Photo credit: https://www.instagram.com/11.a.s.h/

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