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Day 10 of Lockdown

Day 10 of 20!


Day 10……and that’s it, we’re half way through, 50% done and 50% to go, now that wasn’t so bad was it, especially with our daily list of 5 to keep you and yours busy!


Learn how to become a Ninja

Ninjas are not simply black-clad figures darting around at breakneck speed – they are experts in the Japanese art of warfare: ninjutsu, here are 5 tips to becoming a Ninja!


Rewatch the National Theatre’s best productions with their weekly broadcast

The National Theatre in London are the latest to jump on the complimentary streaming bandwagon. Frankenstein & Shakespeare’s, Antony & Cleopatra are just a couple of the treats in store, click [here] and watch now.


Create a public holiday to celebrate yourself

Ours would be “National Fun Day” what would you call yours?


Sing along to Andrew Lloyd Webbers Classic Musicals

Yes, you’ll get to enjoy a dash musical brilliance, with the launch of a new channel dedicated solely to Andrew Lloyd Webber shows. Performances will be streamed on the all-new YouTube channel, suitably named The Show Must Go On. ALL for no cost at all, and no, this is’nt a dream, its real!


Gather your mates for a Netflix session with this handy browser extension

Now that we’re all social distancing, we’ve had to get creative with the ways we keep ourselves entertained and stay in touch with friends and family. Luckily, there are plenty of great apps that make virtual socialising both fun and easy, a firm favourite being Netflix. The streaming service has launched a new feature titled Netflix Party, which allows us to watch our favourite TV shows and movies with our friends online, what will you choose?


And that’s our pick of 5 things to do today, cant believe we have already suggested 45 different activities to date, please feel free to go back and have a go at the ones you missed (just click here)…and as always, please do stay home and save lives, until tomorrow, love us at LivinQ8


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