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Day 11 of Lockdown

Day 11 of 20

Day 11……and in the words of “Europe” (80’s rock band for those who are too young to know) “It’s the Final Countdown”, just 9 days left of total lockdown in Kuwait, but don’t worry, we’ll still keep entertaining you even after its over, cause that’s the nice folks we are 😊So, onto the next 5 for today:


Get really good at public speaking (hey, it might come in handy)


Pose like a classic painting (and share the results online!)

The Getty Museaum in LA have set you a challenge:

They challenge you to recreate a work of art with objects (and people) in your home.

🥇Choose your favorite artwork

🥈Find three things lying around your house⠀

🥉Recreate the artwork with those items

The Getty Museum has made their collection available online so that you may seek inspiration for your own masterpiece. Maybe you want to try your hand at something Greek or Roman, or travel through the centuries and visit the Middle Ages before returning to the present day, click [here] and start posing.


Learn a new skill in the last 9 days of Lockdown

·         Learn how to Google (you think you know how to search, you don’t)

·         Master the art of keepy ups (juggle like a footballer)

·         Learn how to do CPR and general first aid, and if you don’t want to learn, at least check out these common mistakes so you never, ever do them again.

·         Learn how to shuffle cards

·         Learn how to tie basic knots

·         Learn to meditate

·         Learn how to cook a signature dish

·         Learn how to code

·         Learn how to whistle properly

·         Improve your memory

Now they should keep you busy for a while.


Direct a Spaghetti Western using your stockpiled pasta as the cast


Invent a wacky new sport (Kitchen Quidditch is up for grabs, if you’d like)


Learn ‘The Routine’ from Friends


Ok, so that’s 6 things to do today….we just couldn’t stop sharing…and as always, please do stay home and save lives, until tomorrow, love us at LivinQ8


Photo credit: https://www.instagram.com/ibrahim_alhassawi/


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