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Day 13 of Lockdown

Day 13 of 20!

Day 13……13, unlucky for some, (if you’re the superstitious type) but for us it means just 1 week to the end of lockdown, and we’ve already started our to do list, where to go, who to visit and ooooh our favourite, what to eat! But in the meantime, here’s 5 more things to keep you busy:


Try wearing every item of clothing you own all at once


Try some self-improvement with these handy apps:

The Great British Bake Off: Remember that cake makes everything better? This app is packed full of fabulous recipes and tips from your favourite star bakers, The Great British Bake Off app will help you to avoid a soggy bottom and a crispy top!. Keep yourself busy in the kitchen with the GBBO app! Download it now.

Duolingo: So, GCSE Russian may not have been your strong point, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t a true linguist at heart. Duolingo makes learning another language super easy— try it and you;ll agree—, after a brief five minute session everyday, you’ll actually see a major improvement. Tres bien bella…ok, we need more practice 😉! Download it now.

My Fitness Pal: My Fitness Pal is an awesome app that helps you keep track of what you’re eating, how much you’re moving, and how much water you’re drinking, so you can stay healthy and hydrated even if you’re missing out on that after work gym class. Download it now.

Jumbo Privacy: if you want to keep your data safe while browsing, then Jumbo Privacy is the app for you. It helps you take control of your data and explains all the online threats that you’ve succumb to, so you can learn new ways to protect yourself online! Download it now.

Calm: Voted the 2018 iPhone app of the year, you’ve probably heard of Calm already. But, if you haven’t, this is probably the perfect time to discover it! Aiming to help people sleep better and reduce their anxiety, Calm is full of stories, meditation sessions and soothing music, sure to help you relax. Download it now.


Brush up on your photography skills

Nikon have launched a fabulous new course, FREE! The Nikon classes usually range from $15-50, but they’ve waived the cost for anyone and everyone. At Nikon Online School, you’ll get video demonstrations of all the basics to get stuck into the world of photography. There’s even a class on photographing pets, so you can find ways to entertain yourself as well as your dog.


Turn yourself into the next viral GIF

Go on…you know you wanna! Click here and become the next viral GIF


Crack on with a LIFE sized game of Hungry Hippos

Watch these elderly residents of a care home in Wales enjoy the epic game….LIFE Sized, then why don’t you have a go at recreating it?!


Wow, so we’ve brought you some pretty random things today, but I’m sure you’ll agree they’re ideas packed full of entertainment, so, until tomorrow… please do stay home and save lives, until tomorrow, love us at LivinQ8


Photo credit: https://www.instagram.com/nikhilchandy/

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