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Day 17 of Lockdown

Kuwait Lockdown Day 17


Day 17 of 20!


Day 17……wow, only 3 days left, the excitement is rising…..meanwhile, here are 5 more things to keep you and yours busy:


Take an online bakery class

Bakers, ready your rolling pins and lets get busy! This awesome London bakery is hosting daily classes on their Instagram account, and they’re pretty good! Just click [here] for more details.


Sponsor an adorable new pet

Animal shelters across the world are struggling due to the coronavirus pandemic, why not help out and sponsor/foster a pet, for a small weekly donation you can help maintain the shelter, name your pet, and get daily updates, click [here] for more details.


Check out these eerily quiet streets in several European Cities

Trevi Fountain in Rome

Puerta del Sol, Madrid

St Marks Square, Venice

Old Town Square, Prague

Las Vistas Beach, Tenerife

Ponte Vecchio, Florence

Market Square, Brugges


Lose yourself in a colouring book by legit artists

To try and make lockdown a little more bearable, British artists Antony Gormley, Grayson Perry, Gillian Wearing and others have come together to create a free, downloadable activity book. It’s called Art Is Where the Home Is and the idea is that every project can fit on a single A4 sheet of paper, and you won’t need any specialist materials.The activities are a bit more leftfield than dot-to-dots or colouring in: Antony Gormley’s task involves making a daisy chain of people, while Harold Offeh wants you to create an album cover.

Are the ideas mostly aimed at children? Yes. But don’t let that stop you.


There’s still time to get smart with a free, online Ivy League course

We know there are only 3 days left of full lockdown , but we’re sure you would want to continue and complete one of these many free courses.


So what will you choose to do from our list of 5 today, we’ll make the decision easy for you….do all of the, 😉So, until tomorrow… please do stay home and save lives, love us at LivinQ8


Photo credit: https://www.instagram.com/malakshots_/

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