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Day 18 of Lockdown

Kuwait Lockdown Day 18


Day 18 of 20!


Day 18……2 days, just 2 days left!!! And we have no idea how we will adapt to “normality” after the past 20 days of lockdown (ok 18, almost 20), we haven’t set the alarm in weeks, the car looks like its been in an off road rally and our hair the envy of 80’s rock stars! BUT, we’re guessing we’re not alone so, before we end this lockdown, here’s 5 more suggestions to take care of that boredom.


Catch up on sleep

If you’ve been binging on Netflix, social media stalking for 24hours (we see you), then you have a couple of days to make the most of it and catch up on sleep, and if you have problems sleeping, check this out from our dear friend, fellow Brit, Julie Mallon, a sleep consultant based in Dubai.


Send a message to friends/family in the US Military(and vice versa, if you’re in service here, you can send a message to your loved ones)

Cool local radio station 6Pazzi (who stream 24/7 some of the best tunes EVER), based at the US military camps in the Gulf, have a live show every Friday & Saturday evening (8pm – 10pm Kuwait local time) where they share dedications and messages to those in military service, and their loved ones wherever they may be. All you need to do is download the radio app, and send a message, or alternatively, send a WhatsApp to: +965. 99672994….6Pazzi will take care of the rest. Cool Eh?


Sign up to a free happiness class

As the world around us continues to change on a daily, almost hourly, basis, we’re all facing some new anxieties. That’s where world-famous Ivy League university Yale comes in. They’ve shared their most popular course, The Science of Well Being, online, for free, wherever you are in the world.

Following psychologist Laurie Santos’ ten-week seminar series, you’ll learn how to increase your happiness, debunk myths about what makes us content and ultimately create better, more productive habits.


Explore Europes largest Aquarium, (from the comfort of your home of course)

Valencia’s Oceanogràfic aquarium, the largest in Europe, has launched a new virtual tour of all of its exhibitions.Log on to the website and you can see 45,000 live animals and 500 different aquatic species, walk, crawl, fly and swim right into your living room. The service is free of charge and includes access to all 13 enclosures including the largest shark tunnel in Europe. You can also see a host of other animals including crocodiles, and see jellyfish, flamingos and sea lions. Click here and take a virtual trip undersea (and why not pop on your cozzie to enjoy the full experience ?)


Learn to Zen Doodle

When you draw a Zendoodle, you’re creating a work of art, but you’re also deliberately creating a mood, focus, and state of mind. You concentrate on drawing small blocks of patterns at a time; going with the flow lets your mind get into a calming zen state. This allows you to follow through on impulsive thoughts, so your doodle won’t be restricted by expectations, giving you an unexpected final design and a glimpse into your subconscious! Want to learn more then just click here and zen.


And that’s our 5 of today done, we’re off to zen doodle and then catch some zzzzzzz’s……So, until tomorrow… please do stay home and save lives, love us at LivinQ8


Photo credit:https://www.instagram.com/abha199/


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