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7 Ways to support Kuwait during the Coronavirus pandemic

Now’s the time to give back to Kuwait…

The coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic is bringing out the best and worst in people – but it’s really not hard to be your best self. Whether it’s supporting Kuwaits local business’ or making sure you don’t buy into the panic, there’s never been a more important time to be a good citizen.

Here are seven ways to support Kuwait during the coronavirus pandemic.

Buy only what you need

The single most important thing you can do is to not buy into the hype surrounding panic-buying. Whether it’s toilet paper, rice, pasta or paracetamol, buy only what you need – and remember that there are many people in Kuwait who can’t afford to buy in bulk, so ensure the supermarket shelves remain stocked with essentials for those who shop on a daily or weekly basis.

‘Donate’ that ticket

If you’ve booked a ticket to an upcoming performance, theatre show or comedy night that’s been cancelled or postponed due to coronavirus, consider donating your ticket to the establishment, rather than asking for a refund. For some venues, this could be the difference between bouncing back once coronavirus runs its course, or having to close permanently.

Order in from local restaurants

A lot of Kuwaits restaurant and cafe owners are having it tough right now, but you can still show your support. Pick up the phone, order online and order a delivery from your favourite restaurant to help keep them afloat.

Tip your delivery driver

When that order does arrive, be sure to give your delivery driver a decent tip. These guys are exposing themselves to greater risk at the moment, so give whatever you can to show your appreciation.

Practice social distancing

You may have read that people who are young and fit are generally coping well if they do contract coronavirus, so you may think there’s no need to shut yourself off from the world. But do consider the elderly and those with suppressed immunity who stand to lose the most – by staying inside as much as possible, you may just prevent someone at-risk from contracting this often-invisible virus.

Keep an eye on your water usage

We all know that washing our hands for 20 seconds is the best way to combat the spread of Covid-19, but we also know that every drop of water is precious in Kuwait. So, once you’ve wet your hands, turn off the tap while you lather up, then simply turn it on again to rinse.

Article inspired by WhatsOn Dubai, thank you

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