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Numbers Don’t Lie

What is Numerology? Numerology is the study or science of numbers. It was founded by Pythagoras born 590BC, he was named by the Oracle of Delphi who had prophesied his birth.

There is a strong belief through many religions and cultures that our souls have made the decision to come into this world right at an exact time and place and that we also have chosen our parents! This is what numerology explains. The date we are born is the date our soul chose to come into the world to experience a certain life path number.

Life path numbers are a single digit (I will at a later stage explain Master Numbers eg 11/2, 22/4, 33/6, 44/8, 55/1, 66/3, 77/5, 88/7 and 99/9), it is the number that is added up by the date of your birth and you keep adding it until you get to a single digit, eg if you are born on the 1 of January 1999 then we add 1 + 1 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 9 = 30, then 3 + 0 = 3. Therefore making you a life path 3. But it’s not just about the life path number it’s also about how your Natal Chart looks, meaning your soul not only decided to come into the world as a LP 3 but is also wanted to come in a month 1 (in this example) on a day 1 (been the first day of the month) It also wanted to come into the world in a universal year 1 (as 1999 adds up to 28, 2 + 8 = 10 therefore 1). Your Natal Chart tells a story about how you need to achieve your LP number and the lessons you need to learn.

So what is your life path number? What is your destiny? Have you ever wondered why you are here? Your life path number defines you, it tells a story about why you are here and what lessons you have come to experience in this life. Have you ever felt a connection to someone or something but could not explain where it came from, Numerology has the answers.

Numerology is about your journey helping you make important decisions in your life. All numbers have a vibration, every vibration is significant. Numerology takes away judgement and brings compassion allowing you to understand others. We all have a journey in this journey we will come across certain challenges Numerology prepares you for these challenges through your strengths lets learn together and enjoy this amazing journey we have come to experience!

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