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An Urban Oasis

Shaheed park is proof that when Kuwait wants to do something, it can do it not just with elegance, but also to the highest standard.  Whether you are a parent, looking for new spaces to relax, or just see something different, this is the place to hang out this autumn.


Situated in Soor Street oppositive the Al Tijaria Tower, Shaheed park is not like any park in Kuwait.  It is a space named after the country’s martyrs where several creative influences converge.  It was designed to narrate the story of Kuwait, its land and culture.  The result?  A truly modern and green park, featuring two museums and a beautiful botanical gardens, two museums, a visitor centre, a lake, walkways and jogging tracks.  There are also two museums, the Therkra and the Habitat, and a constantly changing programme of social and cultural events taking place.


The park was developed by the Amiri Diwan and is today managed by the Lothan Youth Achievement Centre. This in part explains why there is such an intest in cultivating the arts, history and culture through events and exemplary maintenance of the grounds.


Walking along the green spaces, staring up at the high rise buildings of modern Kuwait, is an experience.  The park is in one of the oldest, historic and affluent neighborhoods.  The park designers have paid tribute to this history, for example with the Al-Shaab gate.  The gate is one of the five authentic remaining gates of the old Kuwait wall.


There are two main monuments to discover.  The martyr monument is a seven meter high glass sculpture built to honor the martyrs of Kuwait.  The Constitution monument for its part celebrates the Golden Jubilee of the constitution.  The memorial museums of Thekra also provide a rare and modern insight into Kuwait’s battles and the occupation. In an interesting cultural project, the museum has also offered Kuwaitis dedicated booths to share their personal experiences and pass them onto the next generation.


If you are into bird migration and interested in the environment, there is also a museum dedicated to the migratory trajectories of birds and the effects of pollution.  An aviary outside the museum also offers visiting birds a migratory pause.


There is also an amphitheater that runs shows in the evenings and different open grass areas.  There are also outdoor sculptures created by local artists, along with cafes and restaurants if you are serious about visiting it, look out for the underground parking which is located directly under the park.


To find our more, contact Shaheed Park, Kuwait City facing Al Tijaria Tower Tel.: +965 22461267

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