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Numero Uno

Everything begins with 1 so therefore 1 is all about new beginnings! If you are a life path one person your soul came into this world to experience a life of leadership and independence. It’s energy is that of the Master Creator and gives birth to all other numbers.

One is the number of action with it’s powerful knowledge and it has no fear and is here to lead others. It is here to stand on it’s own two feet and needs to take action with it’s creative ideas. The number one is great at starting things but needs to lead others to finish them and see it through.

We refer to the LP 1 person as “The Bold Leader” – brings in new beginnings, can take the lead with anything put before them, is totally unique independent and bold, needs these qualities in order to lead others, is brave and goes into the unknown and makes it work, is fearless will confront things. Is very confident and strong. Has executive ability are capable of overcoming any barrier to your success when you make use of your creative ideas. Be selective with your friendships, life will never be dull for you if you make the most of your talents as you have strong powers to attract interesting work and experiences. What you need to look out for, don’t become too “fixed” or “set” in only having things done your way, listen to the opinion of others and decide wisely which way to go (again your personality here is your asset) Don’t be selfish as this will lead to disharmony.

More importantly the LP 1 is here to establish it’s identity and to discover it’s own abilities. It is a masculine energy, positive, original, creative, in a state of perpetual motion. Since 1 is alone with an abundant amount of creative energy it must decide wisely how it’s energy will be used. It must take command and have the courage to maintain it’s direction without fear of opposition. Remember 1 is the beginning of all things. In a previous life it is more than possible you were a follower and were judged and you had a lot of fear, so in this life it is most important to let go of fear and lead yourself and others without judgement.

What I would like to make note of is that whilst I will be talking about Life Path numbers over the next few weeks, there is so much more than just our life path number, there is our personality which is our day number, the universal year we are born is also significant as too the month we are born, they all are representing something in this life and what was going on in a previous life, I will be explaining that at a later stage.

If you would like your numbers explained please  send me an email, info@numbersdontlie.info sending love and light to you all!


Ruby Chehade: Numerologist Expert

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