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Parking in K-Town made easy!

We all know how “challenging” it can be to park in K-town, especially around the city and weekend hotspots. So imagine our delight when we discovered this awesome app for parking in Kuwait.

It enables you to pre-book/pay your parking space, so no more queuing at the following locations in Kuwait:

  • 360 Mall
  • Avenues phase 4 (pre-booking)
  • Avenues phase 3 (pre-booking)
  • Yaal Mall
  • Al Hamra
  • Kuwait Souq
  • Mubarakiya


We’re sure as time passes they will add more locations, but in the meantime, enjoy life made a little easier.

To download the application, apple [here] and android [here] and if you need more details here’s the website link: https://www.getpass.me/

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