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Ministry of Public Works Launches Complaint App

Do you have a problem with the roads, engineering drainage etc. in your area? Then fret no more. The Ministry of Public Works have launched an awesome app to help you report these things and for them to take the necessary action to carry out the repairs.

How does it work?

To submit a complaint, the user enters their personal data, the details of the complaint with photos if necessary, and the user can select the geographic location of complaint via GPS. The complaint is then referred to the concerned department in the governorate to take the necessary actions for addressing the complaint. The system immediately sends an SMS and e-mail to the user who submitted the complaint as soon as the complaint is submitted and when any update occurs. The complaint status can also be followed up through searching and inquiring via the screens dedicated for easy and quick access to data while maintaining the privacy and security of such data.

Who can use it? EVERYONE!

The app is now available for Android and iOS and in English/Arabic too!

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