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Summer Camps in K-Town 2020

So it looks like many of us will be staying in Kuwait for the summer vacations, and though the traditional form of Summer camps cannot be utilised due to the pandemic restrictions, there are many virtual camps available in Kuwait. We have listed below the ones we found, and if we have missed any, please do let us know by dropping us an email at hello@livinworld.com and we’ll add them to the list.

Scientific Centre


The Scientific Center Summer Camp program is back (just in time!) to keep children excited about the wonders of science while at home this summer!

Presented in a new virtual way, children can still benefit from the highly popular STEAM-based program The Scientific Center has created, with new subjects and activities introduced this year for everyone to do at home!

Running from July 12 – July 25 and led by our wonderful Explainers through live video classes on ZOOM®, children will cover a variety of STEAM topics targeted towards their age-group with ideal learning outcomes, such as:

  • Water filtration in the wild! How to survive by creating your own water filter
  • Build your own worm farm, with real live worms delivered to you!
  • Yeast Feast! We experiment with yeast to see which foods they love to eat the most
  • Rainbow Playdough Lab! Little ones can learn how to measure and mix to create their own rainbow dough
  • And many more!

For more details, please click [here]


Al Shaheed Park

Al Shaheed Park Summer Club for kids is free of charge.

Since the sessions will be on the Zoom platform, you may only register for 1 ticket per class, and view the session from 1 screen only.

For more details, and to register, please click [here]


Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Cultural Centre (ASCC)

Register for free and don’t miss out on ASCC’s annual Summer Camp
‏The ultimate cultural experience at your doorsteps!
‏From friendship building to educational activities, your child has a lot to gain from our virtual summer camp. The 5-day programme is filled with discovery, exploration and fun!
‏*This program will be offered in English and Arabic

‏Register for free to one of the two virtual summer camp weeks in July:
‏July 19th till 23rd or July 26th till 30th
‏Limited seats available, registration is permitted for one week only
To register, click [here]


Young Explorers Kuwait

Escape the boredom of quarantine with adventure online creating, learning and socializing.

Contact 69658950 for more information!




It’s all fun and games… from home! ?

Sign up to K-camps virtual Zoom sessions, running from the 30th of June until the 30th of July, Sundays through Thursdays. ? Get the chance to make new and exciting memories and most of all… friends. ? Click [here] to sign up

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