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Helping others in K-Town

Have you been wondering how you can help those who are currently in need in Kuwait? We are hearing about those who have lost their jobs, who cannot afford to pay for the basics such a food and rent, who have young ones in need of nappies & milk. Well you can help.

A couple of wonderful initiatives have been set up where you can send food boxes, donate cash and supply the baby essentials to those who need them.

Food Box Kuwait are an NGO who enable you to order the box of your choice, with the applicable contents, for example,

The Essential Foodstuff Box that includes; Rice 5 Kg | Canned Luncheon Meat | 2 Canned Peas | 2 Canned Chickpeas | 5 Canned Tuna | Sunflower Oil 1L | Sugar 1 Kg | Salt 700 G | Macaroni 3X500 G | Vermicelli | 3 Indomie | 8 Tomato Paste | Red Lentil 500 G | Dates 1 Kg | Tang 500 G | Tea 100 Bags |  

The Baby Essentials Box that includes; Diapers Pampers Brand (Small) – 2 Hero Baby Cereals – 4 Hero Baby Food Jar – 2 Rusks Farley’s Heinz – Gentle Baby Shampoo Himalaya Brand – Baby Lotion Himalaya Brand – Baby Powder Himalaya Brand – Diaper Rash Cream Himalaya Brand – Nourishing baby Oil Himalaya Brand – Soothing & Protecting Baby Wipes Himalaya Brand – Moisturizing Baby Soap Himalaya Brand – Baby Feeding Bottle Farlin

To order your box, simply visit their website, https://foodboxkw.com/ and place your order, and they will take care of the rest.


Living Aid Kuwait are another NGO who match families who need financial aid with those who are able to sponsor them, to find out how they do this, and assess the families in need you can read about their concept in Kuwait Times by clicking [here] I’m sure you’ll agree, its another great initiative, to learn more about how you can help, just visit their Instagram account @livingaidkwt for more details.


The Good Deed Squad, a great initiative who work with amazing volunteers and who make sure the donation get to those who need them in the form of food boxes. if you want to know more, and indeed can volunteer to help with the distribution, please just click the link [here]


How about buying a gorgeous gift basket where the proceeds are donated to charity? The purchase of one basket is enough to feed 4 people!!! The Covid-19 Fundraiser gift basket is filled with donated goods such as flowers, chocolates, cotton candy and soooo much more. Want to buy one or know more? Then just click [Here]


If you have more information about work in the community concerning this issue, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at hello@livinworld.com and we’ll happily share.

Updated 1 August 2020

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