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Number 2: The Peacemaker

The life path 2 is the peacemaker as they are gentle souls and need to be in a peaceful environment. Also the 2 doesn’t like to be alone they have “the urge to merge” they also have a motherly energy as they want to care and nurture others. They have come here to be the master of their emotions. They tend to be very intuitive people and full of ancient wisdom. They have an undying love for their family and tend to build strong bonds through friends.


The two doesn’t like confrontation and if it does encounter it they can become very sick as they are naturally very gentle people. Whilst they tend to be gentle people they are very good at asserting themselves especially if they are an 11/2 (This is a master number which we will discuss at a later stage which we also refer to as “The inventor, The Inspirational Leader”). If the 2 sets themselves a task they will need help as they feel they can’t thrive without another person. The 2 needs to form soulful relationships especially the 11/2. It also wants to find itself with others as it needs emotional connections to fill it’s soul. Even though 2 always needs to be in a relationship it must be harmonious.


It is the number of love and sacrifice and it forms deep relationships and they tend to be very emotional. The 2 doesn’t like stress and they do go through stress they can become overly sensitive and sick. They tend to experience more allergies than the average person and they need to sleep more. The heart memory of the two is stronger the brain memory. The two craves marriage or a committed partner. As the two wants to look after others it can forget to take care of themselves and it’s important that they do this first otherwise they will become moody and very sensitive.


The two can be affected by the full moon, they can become overly emotional or they can end up burying their emotions, they either feel everything or nothing. At times you may feel that the 2 gives you the emotional support that you need then other times it’s the exact opposite. The two likes to gather facts so they are very good in creating a peaceful environment as they like everyone and everything to be agreeable. They also do this a diplomatic way. The two has insight into what is right and wrong, it also has the gift of persuasion and a talent for unity. The two also has the ability to persuade others to accomplish what no one could accomplish alone. You can rely on the two to do all the research gather all the facts and then place those facts where they belong. It has come here to be the light bearer to all but can also fall into the trap of becoming a “people pleaser”

Famous Life Path 2 people: Madonna (11/2) Jennifer Lopez (11/2) Richard Burton (20/2) Tony Blair (11/2) Bob Hope (11/2) Jennifer Aniston (11/2)


I forgot to list famous LP 1 for last week here they are:

Christian Dior – Yves St Laurent – Salvador Dali – Walt Disney – Sally Field Lady Gaga – Charlize Theron


* Numerology is about what your soul purpose is here to learn in this life by working out what your life path number is. To work out your life path number you need to add all of your numbers of your date of birth

eg for 12 12 1991 you add as follows:

1 + 2 + 1 + 2 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 1 = 26

2 + 6 = 8


Therefore for this date you would be a life path 8

If you would like your numbers explained please  send me an email, info@numbersdontlie.info sending love and light to you all!



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