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The End of an Era!

Its the end of an era as Staged in Kuwait announced today that they are closing their doors, after a decade of theatre,  due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The home of fabulous pantomime, a staple in many of our lives that we’ve come to enjoy and look forward to each year, comedy nights, where we’ve laughed away our troubles and walked away with sore cheeks and smudged mascara from literally laughing so hard, mad musicals where we’ve sung along to our favourite West End tunes, they will be sorely missed.

We would like to share the following announcement from SIK:

It is with great sadness that I announce the closure of the SIK Studios in both Adan and Salwa. The Covid-19 pandemic continues to rob of us the ability to gather together and create and, while SIK continues in a limited capacity online, we do not have financial resources to continue to pay rent on the spaces that have been home to our rehearsals, drama classes, social events and store-rooms.

There has been no support in Kuwait for the private sectors hit hardest by the pandemic. The Arts and Events industries had their income cancelled overnight in March, and, with no government guidance on when social distancing may end, it is impossible for us to know when people will be allowed to once again congregate together in an auditorium or rehearsal space.

I am left with no option but to clear out our store rooms, sell off our equipment and hope that, maybe, down the line we can find a way to resurrect the vibrant community of performers and lovers of live performance that Staged in Kuwait has brought together over the past decade.

We will be hosting a Theatre Sale at the SIK Studio, Adan on Saturday July 18th and Saturday July 25th, to try and capitalize some of the assets we have accrued over the years. We have a wide array of technical equipment, costumes, art supplies, props and furniture for sale and hope to find good homes for them all as we have nowhere to store it as of the end of July. If you can come and take a box away in exchange for a donation it would much appreciated.

To all those who have made donations since March to help us survive, thank you. I’m heartbroken that we weren’t able to make it. As we start the process of packing up and moving, all future shows, comedy events, and drama classes will be on hold until we can afford and secure some new rehearsal space. Hopefully this is the end of a chapter not the book. I am confident that Staged in Kuwait is bigger than the building, it is the people who support it, but until we can bring those people back together, safely, we don’t have a business.

For full details of our Saturday Theatre Sales this month keep an eye on our social media. For any other questions or offers of help you can reach me directly at Tim@StagedinKuwait.com or by Whatsapp on +965 99873586

Tim Waddell

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