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Diet Water!

After last week’s article on the 80:20 approach to nutrition, I received an email asking me what I would recommend as the best thing someone could do for their body right now. No drama, no planning, no special ingredients needed; a healthy choice they could make immediately and see some sort of result.

Different professionals will have different recommendations in these situations, mine is to HYDRATE.

Water. Glasses, bottles, pints, ounces and litres of it. That is my honest and professional opinion on what your body and mind will benefit from immediately. It doesn’t have to be sparkling or flavoured (if you are a fan of the flavours, look for hidden sugars and choose wisely), it doesn’t have to be in a fancy drinking bottle or flask, just water; cold, warm, somewhere in between – your choice, just DRINK IT!


Your body is composed of around 60% water (the exact amount depends on age and how much muscle and fat you have). You literally cannot exist without it; you can live for weeks without food, but only days without water. Water aids your digestion, carries waste out of your body, protects your tissues, spinal cord and joints, it stops you becoming dehydrated, helps regulate your body temperature, helps maintain mental clarity (the primary cause of fatigue during the day is lack of water, even a tiny drop in body water can cause trouble focussing, thinking clearly and basic calculations). Those reasons should be enough.

How much do I need?

You can do any number of fancy calculations, but your body needs a minimum of two litres every day to function well. Please keep in mind that the two litre recommendation is broad and refers in general to a moderate climate, which we do not live in. We’re in Kuwait and ay caramba is it hot, sometimes humid too, so, if you’re outside often, you’re sweating (losing fluid) and will need to drink more. If you’re inside all day in the comfort of air conditioning, you may feel less thirsty, but air conditioning can have a very drying effect (especially on the skin), so you’ll need to drink more. Either way, you need to take in H20.

Need some Help?

o   Try keeping small bottles on your desk – when you see it, you remember it.

o   Take a large bottle to work with you and make your way through it as the day goes on.

o   If you like a fancy cup or glass, buy yourself a nice water bottle and make sure you’re refilling it every hour (because you drank it all, not poured it down the sink).

o   Download an app to remind you (yes they exist, and most are free).

o   Don’t leave the house without a bottle of water, delayed thirst usually leads to food cravings – don’t find yourself at the drive through, desperately ordering fries and coke when having some water on hand was probably all you needed.

o   If the taste is too boring, add some lemon or cucumber, or something unsweetened that piques your interest.

Emma Clement-Wriede

Health Coach & Nutritional Therapist

Contact for an Appointment: mailto:emma@nostresswellness.org

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