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When are Kuwait’s Next Public Holidays?

When Are The Next Public Holidays in Kuwait?


It looks like there will be lots of days off in the second half of 2020……

Here are the rest of the public holidays we can look forward to in Kuwait…and the good news is, the next one isn’t too far away.


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Arafat Day & Eid Al Adha (both dependent on the moon sighting)

Arafat Day is likely to be observed on July 30th, followed by Eid Al Adha on July 31st so fingers crossed for a lovely long weekend.

The second Eid holiday honours Ibrahim’s willingness to sacrifice his son, after being instructed to do so by God, Prophet Ibrahim told his son of the dream, and his son told his father to follow the order. But God intervened, sending a sheep to take his son’s place. Within the private sector a 3 day holiday is observed, and is expected to fall on the 31st July, however, the date is dependent on the moon sighting. The civil service commission announced on the 21st July that the public sector will be on holiday from the 30th July and will resume work on the 4th August.



Hijri, or Islamic New Year, is set to be observed on August 20th with a public holiday.


Milad Un Nabi/Birthday of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Milad Un Nabi or Birthday of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), is expected to fall on Thursday October 29th.


Remember, Islamic holidays are based on the phases of the moon, so exact dates may vary – we’ll keep you updated closer to the time when the official dates are announced.


(Source: Time & Date)

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