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Drive-Thru Dine-In

Yes, you read that correctly….Drive-thru, Dine-In, the next best thing to eating inside a restaurant is now available in K-town. So, how does it work?



  • Download the app V-Thru
  • Enter your phone number & insert the activation code that you receive
  • Turn on location services
  • Select from the list (that we believe is constantly being updated) your favourite restaurants/coffee shops
  • Allow notifications that will let you know your food is ready and about promotions at your favourites
  • Then go ahead and place your order, full menus are on the app, and pay.
  • Drive to the location (the restaurant will know about your imminent arrival as we believe they’ll track you).
  • Collect your order and sit under the shaded parking designated for Dine-In
  • Bon Appetite!


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You can even enter your car details so the restaurant know its you when you arrive!


Want to know more? Then just click here: V-thru and enjoy the app movie 😉



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