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A Letter Home

A Letter Home is a short novel, based on a true story, and a must have for your coffee table collection.


Born and raised in the south of England, Karen Ford met her Kuwaiti born husband while he was studying in the United Kingdom. Six months later they married; she became Karen Alanizi and left for Kuwait to begin their new life together.


Faced with the barriers of living in a country with a different language, religion and culture she slowly adapted to her new way of life and discovered that compromise is a major component in a successful mixed marriage! .


A letter home is short novel based on a letter written by Karen to her family in England her story reveals the heart-wrenching emotions, fears and the often amusing and sometimes bizarre side of life during the Iraqi occupation. She describes the desperation of their separation, and the journeys that eventually re-unite them in England.

As the Gulf War unfolds they fear for their family and friends left behind in Kuwait and wait impatiently for the Liberation of the country that they love so much.


On sale at Jarir Bookstores (www.jarir.com/kuwait), at Q8 Books (Yarmouk Cultural Centre – q8books.com) at KD 4  and on Amazon

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