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Chanel Fragrances: Part 3

Last week we had a look at more of Chanel fragrances. This week I want to talk about the fragrances created by Jacques Polge and I have to say I love all of his fragrances and funnily enough my favourite YSL fragrance has always been Rive Gauche which he created in 1970. A very talented perfumer to say the least.  Chanel No.5 since it was launched has been the number one selling fragrance around the world but in 1996 when Jacques Polge created Allure it knocked No.5 out of that number one spot but it took another amazing Chanel creation to take that place!


Allure is one of those fragrances that I can’t live without described as “Charismatic and natural” I feel it is the epitome of feeling like a lady with it’s floral-fresh-oriental fragrance in six facets that makes it so unique. It is described as “difficult to define, impossible to resist” which is so true I feel it is a fragrance that stands out. It has ingredients that I would never usually wear like Vanilla, Rose and Mandarin but with the combination of other fine ingredients Jacques Polge makes it work!


Allure for men had to be created after the huge success of Allure for woman it is described as “expression of a mans charisma and inner strength” It is a fresh-spicy-woody composition that is sophisticated and this fragrance makes a presence in the most subtle way. Mandarin is also used here with Coriander with the intense notes of Cedar, Venesuelan Tonka Bean and Black Pepper from Madagascar. When I smell this on a man I think of elegance just like Allure for woman.


When Coco Mademoiselle was created in 2001 it was the 30 year anniversary of Coco Chanel’s passing and it was meant to be just for the year as a limited edition but again Jeaques Polge exceeded every expectation including mine and created a fragrance that all perfume addicts couldn’t live without. There has never been a time that I have worn this fragrance and not been told how beautiful I smell! Once a man followed me and eventually built the courage to ask me what I was wearing so he could go and buy it for his wife. This is another one of Chanel’s fragrances I cannot live without as it is just divine and I feel beautiful every time I wear it not matter how I look to the outside world! It is best described as “bold, sensual and feminine” with a beautiful blend of Rose, Jasmine petals, Lychee and Sicillian Grapefruit (for those of you that don’t know citrus fruits from Sicily are renowned for been the best in the world) it is also very unique and seductive at the same time.


In case you haven’t noticed I can talk about Chanel fragrances forever. I just love how I am constantly surprised by the talent of Jacques Pogle creations. My dream job has always been to be a  “Nay” meaning a “Nose” the people that create fragrance but it’s something you are usually born into and now Oliver Pogle is working with his father for Chanel and next I will talk about what amazing things he has done for Chanel fragrances.

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