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Skincare and Products


Why should we look after our skin? Our skin is a living organ it is the largest organ on our body which protects our body our skin does a variety of things such as insulate our body, regulate our temperature, we feel sensations through our skin, it produces Vitamin D, it can heal itself, etc. Skin varies from 4mm thick on the palms of our hands and soles of our feet but sadly only 0.5mm around our eyes hence why we show our age in that area before any other area of our face. So it's safe to say I feel we must do all that we can to preserve the skin we have as healthy skin will protect us from the harsh environment that we live in allowing us to feel good too!


We all know that first impressions are lasting impressions I don't think I ever heard anyone complain about someone having great skin! When I was a teenager and into my mid twenties I never allowed anyone to take a picture of me as my skin was awful, I was so self concious and embarrassed as to how bad it was, I would avoid going out as at times I just couldn't cover how bad it looked and when I finally found a foundation that could cover all of my blemishes I never left the house with no makeup. I went to doctors, skin therapists to try and fix my skin but it was all in vain. When no one could help me I decided I had to help myself and fix my skin problems. Whilst I eventually did find a good therapists I still I felt I needed to go out there and help others with their skin issues.


When I did my beauty therapy diploma I began to understand how skin worked and I understood how to treat my skin. In saying that there is constant research about ingredients that help our skin in so many ways. Throughout the years I constantly hear people say “I have sensitive skin” I find this is a term so losely used yet the reality is very few people actually do  have sensitive skin and as “Skin Therapists” you see the difference between a reactive skin and a sensitive skin. What is a reactive skin you may ask, so I am a classic example of someone that has a reactive skin. If I used poor quality products from the supermarket (which I used to when I had all my skin issues) I will react by breaking out, becoming irritated and causing redness all over my face. Yet when I began to use products recommended by a skin therapists which contained the right amount of active ingredients my skin calmed down and didn't have a tight irrated feel to it and the breakout slowly went away by keeping it hydrated.


Every skin is different and the thing I love doing most is helping people with a problematic skin as I know and understand how they feel. For me it is so rewarding when I check in on my clients and they tell me within a month that they can see an improvement in their skin and they can feel it too!


Feel free to send questions through regarding your skin concerns and I would love to answer them for you.


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