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The Server, Number 6

Welcome to LP 6, I love this number as 6 is all about love and I think we all need to be loved. We refer to the 6 as “The Server” that loves balance, beauty, harmony, duty to family, sensual intelligence, serving the community, healing energy, needs harmonious relationships, truth and justice, fairness, responsibilities, artistic and loves a perfect image.


The LP 6 needs harmony in it’s life and brings it also to others around them, they also need truth and justice in their lives as that brings in a sense of balance into their environment. They are people that have a lot of love and compassion for others so they make great teachers, counsellors and healers.


People are drawn to them as they tend to be very understanding. The LP 6 also tends to sacrifice themselves for family but they need to be careful to not over sacrifice themselves as they end up putting the needs of others before their own needs and may live to regret it. They love to take care of others and they do this because they truly want to and it gives them comfort and it makes them happy. They also want to have a beautiful life as they do like all things beautiful, at times this can be their downfall as they tend to be attracted to beautiful people and don’t look deep enough into their soul and learn they have made a mistake later on and realise they were caught up in a dream as they are dreamers.


Once they have woken up from their dream or nightmare they want justice as they realise they had good intentions and they were taken advantage of. The beauty of the 6 is that they need peace in their life so they won’t be holding onto grudges but do need to learn the lesson so that they don’t lose their own identity.


It is very important that the career path they chose does bring them peace and harmony as they will not last in a career that or be happy with one that doesn’t allow for that. Yet they are will to fight for the rights of others especially when they see an injustice in a matter. They make great employees as they take responsibilities rather seriously and work very well with like minded people and would never take advantage of others. They are the perfect person to work with and will be the first to tell someone that is sick to go home and they will finish the work load for them so that they can get some rest. The most important thing that the 6 has come here for is to have a family and a loving family as they need to love and to be loved. If you have a LP 6 in your life take care of them as they will most certainly take care of you!


Famous LP 6 people:


John Lennon – Michael Jackson – Stevie Wonder – Victoria Beckham – Eleanor Roosevelt – Goldie Hawn


* Numerology is about what your soul purpose is here to learn in this life by working out what your life path number is. To work out your life path number you need to add all of your numbers of your date of birth

 eg for 12 12 1991 you add as follows:

1 + 2 + 1 + 2 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 1 = 26

2 + 6 = 8

Therefore for this date you would be a life path 8

If you would like your numbers explained please send me an email, info@numbersdontlie.info sending love and light to you all!



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