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Beauty & A Healthy Attitude


I was all pumped and ready to write a blog about one of my favourite scent from the Middle East – Oud, I just love it but I feel the need to write about something else today. I love the work I do and I am rather passionate about it and I love helping others feel their best. For me when I am giving advise or providing someone with a treatment or doing someone’s make up I do it because I want that person on the receiving end to feel good about themselves. I would never tell someone that I didn’t know what they should be doing I only give my advise when asked to do so. Which leads me to what I am about to share with you something that happened to me today.

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I was at the beach today relaxing enjoying the sun with a couple of friends, a friend of theirs came along and joined us. After a while of swimming, eating, drinking, drying off in the sun this person that joined us her daughter and son came along and the daughter looked at me up and down a few times – I found this very inappropriate as she made no attempt to be discrete. She then said this to me in Arabic I might add that I would look a lot better if I worked on my “bronzage” as it would make me look a lot thinner! My initial reaction was to say to this young girl “Do you own a mirror?” as at her age I was half her size but I actually felt sad for her as this is a reflection of her parenting and the image that she is growing up with. Whilst I lay there been judged with no make up on, just a plain bikini I looked over to her mother who had her hair done for the beach, a full face of make up on, eyelash extensions freshly done, freshly done manicure and pedicure with artwork and diamonties, hair extensions – this does not appeal to me at all but if it appeals to others that’s great!

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My point in all this I am all about feeling good about yourself I am all about healthy skin there are days that I love to wear make up and then there are days I don’t. I love getting my hair done but I don’t judge others that don’t. I am here to help people feel good about themselves and I feel sorry for the youth in the Middle East. I just came back from Greece and I didn’t feel like I was been looked up and down when I was there sadly I always feel judged in Middle Eastern countries and this saddens me.

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I hope that my blog doesn’t make anyone feel bad it is merely here for those that feel they need a little help with their skin care and make up. I would like to think I do my best to make people feel better about themselves. We all have something unique to offer and beauty is mostly found in the heart and soul.

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So to all of you that read my blogs I want you all to know I think you are beautiful people and I hope you all feel comfortable in your own skin be it with no make up on or be it with a tonne of make up on, if that’s what makes you happy then go for it! Now to leave you that thought I am going to go for a swim with no make up on as that works best for me!


Have a great week and I will be talking about OUD next week! 


If you have any questions feel free to send me an email: findingtheperfectscent@gmail.com

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