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The Seeker, Number 7

Life Path 7


LP 7 is “The Seeker” as they need answers, they need to understand the deeper meaning of life and are here to establish a philosophy by which to live and attempts to penetrate the mystery behind its existence which it has never questioned to this point. They tend to analysise everything, they reflect deeply, and they need to trust deeply or it just won’t work. They have strong beliefs and faith and are very intelligent individuals full of knowledge.


LP 7’s also tend to be mysterious people as they don’t give much away and are very secretive as they feel that no one understands them unless if they too are spiritually evolved. If a LP 7 isn’t spiritually evolved and hasn’t found it’s purpose they are still very secretive as they can’t explain what is lacking in their life so they are this way naturally too. They research everything especially things that are not tangible. They have a lot of wisdom and spiritual intelligence and they need scientific proof in order to believe.


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They also strive for perfection if it’s not perfect they will get frustrated and just give up altogether. They need to understand what they have come into this life for they will be restless until they find this but once found they will be at peace and feel protected by a divine spirit within, as they feel they have found their spiritual bliss and no longer have fear. They like to spend time alone no matter how much they may love their partner, family or friends they will always need time of solitude, never take this luxury away from a LP 7 or they will resent you and distance themselves from you and you will eventually lose them but allowing them this time to connect to themselves and they will love you forever.


The LP 7 person may seem to very secretive that is because they are and they will only reveal their deepest thoughts and secrets to very few, they don’t trust easily and if you break their trust don’t wait for forgiveness only the very evolved are capable of doing this. When they are challenged they can turn into very nasty individuals that will make you regret the day you met them, they also can turn to drugs and alcohol as an escape and their behaviour becomes passive/aggressive. If they are not evolved they may seem as though they look down upon others as they naturally are very intelligent and deep thinkers even if they don’t know why that is.


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However they are very witty individuals that tend to have a quick answer for everything and they need to have spiritual connections in general that challenge their every being. Only the strong that are ready to be challenged can deal with the LP 7 and remember they are usually 10 steps ahead of you!


Famous LP 7:

John Edwards – William Shakespeare – Marilyn Monroe – Eric Clapton

Sir Bob Geldoff – Princess Diana 


* Numerology is about what your soul purpose is here to learn in this life by working out what your life path number is. To work out your life path number you need to add all of your numbers of your date of birth

 eg for 12 12 1991 you add as follows:

1 + 2 + 1 + 2 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 1 = 26

2 + 6 = 8

Therefore for this date you would be a life path 8

If you would like your numbers explained please send me an email, info@numbersdontlie.info sending love and light to you all!



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